Replace Q90's with Zerena?

Similar to a post a year ago - my 4 1/2 yr old Phonak Audeo Q90’s went out (again) a bit ago, and now the CommPilot 1 is also dead. Out of warranty repairs have been reasonable ($100-$200 a time), but it is kind of like a car - when to quit repairing, and get new? The HA’s seem to go belly up in the summer, in sweaty conditions. No excuses come to mind for the CommPilot. HA’s have been OK, except when playing an instrument, where I have to take them out to even tune it (had many adjustments for this to no avail). Use the CommPilot only for bluetooth streaming when bike riding.
Stopped by the local Costco for general info, and rather than needing to wait the normal months for an initial appointment, the tech there had had a cancelation, so did the exam right then. Not much change, if any, in my audiogram. When he heard the concern about music, he went right to recommending the Bernafon Zerena’s.

Beyond being direct bluetooth, and the now “mandatory” iPhone app, anyone have opinions on whether they will be essentially the same, possibly better due to tech improvements, or potentially not as “capable” as the Q90’s?