Repetitive ear problems

Every year I get a flu then swollen ears and go partially deaf. I take pills and use various drops and end up have a cleaning for mushrooms. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Last year they put some cream in my ear for a week. It also gives me tinnitus. Now I just had flu and have inner ear pain and tinnitus again. This is the 5th year now and sometimes it is every 6 months. I have seen 2 specialists and they just say it is like that. What else can I do? Last year I also had vestibular migraines with bad balance. Can I buy new ears?

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Do you get the flu shots each year, I haven’t had the flu in years since I woke up to the fact that the flue shots do work. As for as ear infections, I am 74 and never had one.

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I was going to ask the same question. Is there some reason you can’t get a flu shot. Otherwise someone is trying to leave you a message. I get the shot every year and have never had the flu.

I’ve never had flu in my life but never had the flu shot.

I’m not sure how that’s helpful when the op says he gets the flu every year

I didn’t until the 3 for COVID over the past 13 months and I recently had one for tetanus polio diphtheria, whooping cough that made me sick again. Previously I just got an annual flu during winter that always ended up with bad ears. They always give me drops I keep in for a few minutes then rinse out. I think they just hung the ears up. Eventually I am 50 per cent deaf then the specialist cleans them. I don’t understand how I can have mushrooms every year and how they clean them then sometimes them come back in weeks.

I’m sorry but I’m lost with your explanation.

Are you referring to a regular build-up of earwax, or are you literally having fungal infections every year? Because those two things would be treated differently.

This is also not typically the way that a flu might plug up your ears. That’s usually a middle ear dysfunction issue.

The specialists usually say there are mushrooms then clean them. My ears get swollen and I go deaf. After the cleaning it is usually better but sometimes it continues and I need 2 or 3. My last one was in September and know I have inner ear pain and loud ringing but also a sore throat.

Do you live somewhere with a lot of humidity/moisture? Have you already tried good old half white vinegar half rubbing alcohol (80% or lower)? Convenient if you can get a little dropper container. Put a few drops in each ear once a day after swimming/showering. The rubbing alcohol dries out the canal, the vinegar re-acidifies it. Ask your ENT if you are already using other drops regularly.

But if this is a recurrent condition for you, I’d suggest just being quick to call the ENT at the very first sign to get it cleared–don’t wait until it’s bad. Individuals who have other co-mordities like diabetes, eczema, or other autoimmune disorders are at a higher risk, so if you you work on managing other issues that can also reduce recurrence of the fungal infection.

Flu symptoms are usually rapid-onset fatigue, chills, body aches.

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I might find a Dr who can explain what he means by mushrooms

Either that or a culinary expert. But all joking aside, it sounds like philawade may have some systemic/immune issues to see a specialist about. Philawade, If your body reacts that bad (and every time) to flu shots, I’d want to know what’s causing that reaction - if anyone can shed light on it.

You have my empathy! As a child–>teenage years I had annual ear infections. No idea what caused them, but I have 24x7 tinnitus and cinderblock ears.

To Neville’s point, maybe you live in a high humidity area and will be challenged with these fungal conditions? Good luck getting some insight and treatment that works for you.

3 doctors in 2 weeks. Antibiotics didn’t work so now paracetamol and ibuprofen with panaurette ear spray for ear swelling andPanotile for the same. Still inner ear pain. I guess a trip to the specialists as usual. Every summer now for at least 5 years. Several specialists told me not to use earbuds. One have me a small balloon that you fill up with water and that works. I thought. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with annual ear problems. It is crazy. Otherwise o will have to buy the professional ear cleaning machine and do it myself at home maybe.