Removing/Replacing Receiver on KS5 (ReSound Verso 9)

Can anyone enlighten me as to how to remove and replace the receivers on Costco KS5s similar to the ReSound Verso 9? I don’t want to break anything doing it and I just don’t feel like going to the Costco HACtr right now.

I don’t know much about early ReSounds. I saw these three methods in uTube;

After looking at a picture of the KS5 I think it would be like the third video for the Alera 62 model. But I don’t know for sure?

Wow! That was very helpful! Yes, the third video shows a hearing aid body that looks just like my KS5s! Thank you!

They say they can send the tool for removal but, unfortunately this dealer seems to have disappeared from the internet.

Any thoughts on where else i could buy such a tool or, better yet, improvise something to remove the old receiver without breaking the case? The tip appears too tiny to tell whether it is a hook or something more elaborate. The hole seems too small for even the thinner paperclips.

Maybe you can use something like a bulletin board stick pen (or similar) and then grind the sharp tip off to make it less likely to to do damage;


The tool looks like one of these from what I can see.

Wow! Two great tips!
Thank you both!
I will keep you posted here.