Removal handle detached from Phonak hearing aid

Phonak molded hearing aids with a puller are defective. The little puller nylon piece came off of both my hearing aids within a couple of months.

My Grandads ones have never come off. His are nearly a year old.

I assume you mean the removal filament, which is like a piece of monofilament fishing line. It can be replace with a little bit of Super Glue, easily done or it can be taken to a hearing aid office to be done.

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I’ve never had this happen in 12 years of wearing acrylic ear moulds.

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First thing I did with the mold was cut that thing off.

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Have you had any problem with weakening the part you pull on to remove the aid from your ear?

OK wow. That is really shabby. Like selling a rubber crutch.

Hope you got another puller affixed to these aids? Otherwise, how does one remove a molded aid that fits nice and snug?

I just pulled on the receiver wire with no issues at all. Did that for about 2 years and then went back to domes.