Remote Microphone As a TV Streamer In a Pinch

Here’s something you can try with any hearing aid brand if you have a remote microphone.

Visiting one of my daughters with her two young boys yesterday on New Year’s Day, I tried to interest the kids in watching a movie, The Karate Kid, of 1984 vintage. They were more interested in running around yelling at each other at the top of their lungs, making it impossible to understand the TV dialog in a small one-story ranch house (and it was drizzling out so sending them outside to play was not an option on a rainy day).

I found that propping my ReSound Multi Mic up a foot or two in front of one of the TV speakers worked great, at least as far as understanding the movie dialog. I could turn off the Surroundings sound that my external HA mics were picking up and the yelling and stampeding noises of the kids blissfully faded into the background. The overall sound quality certainly was not on a par with what you can get with a TV streamer hooked up directly to your TV but it was quite good and I was able to enjoy the movie in spite of the kids, who were a little too young for the Boy Meets Girl and the Bullies in the Neighborhood themes of the movie-although the older grandson (100th percentile in height and weight) has gotten in trouble for pushing kids around in school and the idea was to teach him a lesson from the movie as to how loathsome bullying is.

Having found that a remote mic makes a halfway decent portable TV streamer in a pinch, I’m happier than ever that I got one and I recommend anyone else consider this potential use in deciding whether it’s worth getting a remote mic themselves.

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I too have had similar results using both the Phonak Remote Mic and a Roger pen.
Don’t you love the grandkids. Do your remember having that much energy?

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Little boys are definitely a different sort of “animal” from little girls. I think life was essentially more peaceful and sweet with two little girls than if the wife and I had had two sons, instead. Maybe it’s a cultural disease that spreads easily (?) but little boys naturally seem more bent on killing things in make-believe than our little girls ever were. So (to get back on topic?!), I think that I may have suffered more additional hearing loss yesterday with two little boys and their incredible vocal energy - the parents are pretty laissez-faire in allowing the boys to play and roughhouse.

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This is a case where you might want to try the app from It works great and it’s free.

Sounds like a very interesting and potentially very useful app. A slight concern in actually using it would be privacy information as the app appears to be free as tunity reserves the right to reuse your non-private information in any way it sees fit.

Seems to work by picking appropriate audio to stream to your phone based on AI recogntion of screen content and active live TV channels. So in my situation, since I was watching The Karate Kid on a DVD, I’m not sure it would have worked for me. With two kids running around, a break to go get Chinese takeout for New Year’s dinner, etc., my frequent pauses and restarts of the DVD might have given the program fits, too, even if has a big enough library of content to deal with previously recorded material

The Multi Mic is one of the cheapest accessories you can get for Resounds. I found them on eBay for as little as $28. I actually bought two and returned them as non functioning. When I got the 3rd one, I made sure to read all the use instructions very thoroughly before trying to use it. I discovered that I had to have a streaming program enabled before it would work. I never really used the thing, and it is still around the house somewhere. I found the Resound aids useless and returned them to the VA. I also have a remote, which I found useful, since the app never really worked for me. I tried to get that Multi Mic to pair to my Marvels, but it wouldn’t. Using it as an occasional TV streamer sounds like an excellent idea.

I guess how well any HA’s and their respective smartphone app works is a very personal thing, not only depending on the brand but the fitter, one’s own hearing loss, and personal reactions to the interface fundamentals, etc.

One thing, though, on pairing accessories, I got both my Multi Mic and my TV Streamer 2 at Costco. It wasn’t too hard following the instructions supplied to pair each device with my HA’s by my very self. Then, if you go to use either, you have to remember to use the Smart 3D app to switch to the program settings for that streamer interface, which will automagically appear in the Program Ribbon at the top of the 3D app if you have successfully paired the device. The Phone Clip+ is different. Once paired, it does not work through its own special program but rather rides on top of your standard HA programs with the ability, if streaming via the Phone Clip+ is active, to control how much sound volume comes from streaming vs. from surrounding sounds picked up by your external HA mics on the HA bodies and processed according to your settings for the program that you are currently in. From what I’ve read in the forum, Phonak has caught up a bit with ReSound in the smartphone app department but back in August, 2018, when I was looking into what HA’s I wanted to buy as my first ever, I downloaded and tried all the HA smartphone apps and at that time for interface and ease of use, the ReSound Smart 3D app won me over hands down. But nothing ever stays the same and I’ve experienced a very annoying glitch or two with the app since then. When one looks at Google Play, it’s amazing how badly rated most of the HA smartphone apps are rated compared to apps of other sorts that might garner as high as a 4.5, etc.

Jim, I wasn’t implying that the Resound app doesn’t work. Only that it didn’t work for me. And, that was largely because it uses BLE, and my Android phone doesn’t do BLE well. Most, if not all regular Resound users seem to love the app. I have had the same trouble with the Phonak app for Marvel. Worked for maybe an hour, then it would no longer see my aids. It is still on my phone, but I haven’t used it in some time, and probably should delete it.

Hi, John. I hope I didn’t come across as critical of your experience. Just wanted to mention how streaming works with the Multi Mic vs. the Phone Clip+ in case anyone else having difficulty with the process comes across our discussion, maybe my experience can help them out. Especially with auxiliary assistive devices like the Multi Mic and the TV Streamer, the ReSound Smart 3D app is an important cornerstone and I encourage anyone before they get any HA brand to play with the smartphone app for any HA that they’re keen about to make sure that they can live with the way the app works - and keep in mind that things can be worse in real life than they are in the app DEMO mode as the generally low review scores for smartphone HA apps seem to show (Signia/Sivantos apps seem to have the highest ratings, on average!).

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