Remote for ReSound Preza?

Will the Unite Remote Control 2 work with the new ReSound Preza rechargeable model? I know there is a phone app. but I’d like something smaller and easier to use.

I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. Costco sells a Resound Remote Control 2. They tend to have the best prices for accessories and should be able to tell you if it would work. If you’re talking about a used one, hopefully you can try it out with return privileges.

Yes. I have the Remote Control 2 and it works with my ReSound Preza rechargeables.The original remote does not work.

I also verified that the Phone Clip 2 works with the Preza reachargeables, and I use a TV Streamer 2 every day with them.

I rarely use the ReSound app, but often use the Apple MFi features to control my aids. I hit the power button three times to bring up controls on the lock screen, and change whatever I want. Much easier than carrying and having to charge the Remote 2.