Remote Follow-Up Appointments Now Available From Costco

I got a mailed brochure from Costco just the other day. On belatedly opening it, I find the enticement “Be in on the secret.” And the brochure, all about Costco hearing aids, prominently announces:

Now Available:
Remote follow-up
from the safety of
your own home.

*Available on most hearing aids.

The ad shows a patient in a video chat with a Costco dispenser. Perhaps the pandemic convinced Costco that remote assist was a feature that they really needed to offer, safer for both patient and dispenser during the pandemic. Too bad that they didn’t come up with it earlier but hopefully they’ll persist it offering it rather than make patients drive miles to the nearest Costco just for a modest fitting adjustment.


I finally got my Android phone to work with myPhonak and looked into Remote connection a bit further.

Is it correct that after you set up a PC with Target and Noahlink Wireless and connect to the HA’s, you can effectively program you aids over-the-air without further need of the Noahlink Wireless?

That is not my understanding. If you’re going to have somebody program your aids remotely (and they have that capability), you don’t need NoahLink Wireless or Target. If you’re going to program you’re own aids, you need Target and NoahLink Wireless.

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The use case I meant was: If my brother wants to program his aids, too, but won’t buy a programmer himself.

He’ll need the programmer everytime he wants to make an adjustment. Perhaps I’m not understanding something.

My understanding is that remote programming is done through MyPhonak app.
The audiologist has connection with professional Phonak website to communicate through clients phone app.

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So one would have to register at the Phonak server. Is this problematic or easily done? I habitually skip all registration questions, but I do have an account at Phonak for some courses.

@jim_lewis Sorry for hyjacking the thread. Just expected a yes or no. :slight_smile:

I would think remote programming would be the same for Costco fitters with Phonak products. They would have to have a professional verified ID with Phonak to log into remote programming.
This is my opinion from reading, no proof handy.
I would assume all of Costco’s aid would be similar.


Am rusty here w.r.t. experience but with ReSound, remote fitting cannot be implemented unless you are a registered provider via ReSound and the patient has to consent to remote access, which can now be done through the Smart 3D phone app. If I update my HA’s thru the Smart Fit fitting software while not connected to ReSound as a registered provider, that disables remote fitting if already enabled by my provider, if I remember correctly. And my Smart Fit installation is labeled in Windows also as a “Standalone installation.”

To help take my own thread “off topic” (joke!) but actually related to Costco remote telemetry, I am impressed with ReSound that ~virtually everything about my HA functionality settings is duly logged. So I wonder if you buy Costco HA’s that happen to be unlocked and plan to fool around with them yourself, whether you visit Costco or not for follow-ups, will Costco be able to tell that the HA’s have been accessed by someone other than their fitters and, for example, lock your HA’s over-the-air to prevent further “meddling?” As PVC has pointed out before in the DIY section, during an in-person visit to an HCP, fitting adjustments are easily discoverable by the date of the last HA update, new differences in settings, etc. But now, if you own most Costco HA’s, Costco can presumably monitor remotely if anyone is messing around with their HA’s outside of a store visit. Maybe somebody can remind me what the general Costco policy is towards folks who fiddle around with their unlocked aids. Do they read you the riot act?!

This is what I’ve always wondered.

I’m unaware of any general policy, but none of the Hearing aid Specialists I’ve dealt with have had any problem with it. Only half the brands Costco carry are “unlocked.” (Phonak and Rexton) It is not possible to self program Resound and Phillips hearing aids from Costco as far as I know. I don’t think they have the ability to prevent one from self adjusting their Phonak and Rexton aids.


I have been very forward about self programming with a particular fitter at Costco. His response was that it was not a problem. He was actually interested, not upset at all.


If you have Target and a programmer, you’re good to go.

If you want to receive remote adjustment the audi needs Target … and his/her programmer needs to be connected for some reason. The session also has to go through Phonak servers so an audi account is needed.

So do you call to make an appt to call?

I would assume you would call to set up a remote appointment. There doesn’t appear to be any online way to communicate with Costco Hearing Aid Centers.

I just purchased and got fitted with ReSound Preza from Costco. It couldn’t have gone smoother. I have a follow-up appointment in two weeks. My Costco is close by.
I also signed up with Costco to be able to make an adjustment to my aids online, if I am away on vacation, etc. Not a repair service, just adjustments.
My whole experience with Costco has been extremely positive, and so far, the ReSound Preza have been good. Their app is outstanding.


I’ve been wearing the ReSound Preza since June of 1019. I just booked a face to face appointment with my Costco to get set up for remote assistance.

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