Remote Control Device versus Smart Phone App

Since everyone can add a hearing aid “App” to their cell phone, is there really no need to purchase a remote control device? Resound has a remote control two device I was thinking of buying, but if I load Resound’s App on my iPhone 7 plus, won’t it do the same thing at the remote control two?

Also I believe iPhone 7 plus has a ‘live listen’ function with hearing aids. If so will I be able to use new hearing aids and iPhone as a ‘remote mic.’ and not need to purchase a multi mic from Resound? Just trying to save a few bucks if my iPhone can do the job.

I use that iPhone app and don’t have the remote control. The app for my iPhone also adds itself to my Apple Watch and my watch becomes a simpler version of the iPhone app. I have the Oticon OPN1 aids now and will be upgrading to the newer OPNS1 aids later this month

If you can use phone, functionality is often even bigger usually than just volume and program change.

But if you need access to those features while not being able to use phone (eg not allowed on work, or activity of the type where you can’t reach the phone), then it still makes sense to have remote.

Eg you’ll know if you need the remote, until then, save money :wink:

The “live listen” function will only work with MFI aids. So if your aids are not MFI this function won’t work.
I love the “live listen” function with my bimodal system, especially great in restaurants and community functions. You need a full battery though before you start using the “live listen”.

MultiMic is a much better microphone than an iPhone in live listen mode. If your smartphone is always on and with you, it can be a great remote. A dedicated remote has the advantage of being always on and always on the right screen (figuratively) It would be quicker, but without as much control as the iPhone app would have.