REM & what makes an audiologist a great one!

WOW! I love my audiologist! Tina Patton at Exceptional Hearing,Phoenix AZ!
There has been a lot of discussion about various levels of care at big box vs private, fitters vs advanced degree. The consensus is you find good and bad at any level and price point. My neighbor spent $6000 at a place with little to no follow up. Yes REM is a good tool, but IMOP just one of a choice of adjustments . If a place doesnt offer it is a red flag that they are not doing their best to adjust the aids.
. Someone said Tina didn’t offer REM from the get go as if that was a negative. But she does offer REM as fine tuning as part of the decision process at the appropriate time. The 2nd or 3rd or 5th visit might be a premature adjustment!
In my medical field it is called a decision tree as you made educated decisions on the sequence of tweaking things variable by variable.

What makes a great audiologist? Having the skill set to adjust all the variables.
But also patience and attentive care learning about the individual needs, the environment, family. Then the fine tuning of adjustments with precise word recognition. Then there is the comfort (i tried 3 types of domes before deciding molds)
Then like Lucy in Charlie Brown cartoons “the doctor is in”. Educating my family members on the fact that hearing aids aren’t glasses and only work when they are speaking clearly and directly to me.
Etc, etc, etc.

Some people can go into a shoe store and be happy with basic shoes. Others beed orthopedic shoes and arch supports. Your hearing issue may be mild and fit straight forward as my husband’s loss and you may go great as he did with one tweak.

But it isn’t just about REM. It is the comprehensive evaluation of all the factors in the individual’s life related to hearing. Is it the first set of aids? Then they might need multiple visits to ramp up getting the brain used to the change.

(My dad went to the $6000 place with no ramping and the aids ended ip in the drawer as the sound of the refrigerator made him nuts) Are they musicians or work in a noisy setting? She might need to try several brands. What if loss progresses adjust or replace?
I would pay dearly for expertise and service like this that I needed to guide me my hearing loss journey.
One happy patient here which is why I drive 90 min to the opposite side of a city bypassing dozens of hearing centers along the way


What makes an audiologist great. One knowledgeable of the product they sell. Two sell more than one brand of hearing aids. That way you get the one that fit you best for your hearing loss. Three and most important that they use best practices. That includes but is not limited to the use of real ear measurements. It is important that they have the ability to program the hearing aids properly and confirm that they are working for you. Or you end up with a 6000 door stop snd stop treating your hearing loss because you become frustrated. It also includes how the audiologist interacts with you. Can they explain what to expect from the hearing aids. This process helps to set a reasonable expectations of the hearing aids ability to treat your hearing loss. That what I consider a good audiologists to be in a nut shell. They are there to help you not just sell you a hearing aid.