REM question: how often does REM test reveal off-target gain?


This is basically what I was told in a round about way. It was stated that she will step it up in a time frame (mirroring the script but at a lessor level I believe) to allow my brain to adjust to the new sound/s that I haven’t heard for how ever long. She did not want to take it to the top and blast me out of the park/ overwhelm me with new sounds. I know where I am set right now I do hear “new” things- rattles in my car that I didn’t know were there, a clock I can hear again and so on. I actually like this approach, then again I am not actually sure what I was missing and what “normal” hearing is supposed to sound like. I originally went in because my ears were ringing LOUD and I wanted to stab them out with a knife! Thus, I have hearing loss and tinnitus (never heard of it) and here I am with HAs.