REM - Phonak TargetMatch - Let the computer figure it out

I recently got my first HA’s at Costco. KS10s.
As part of the process, they ran REM on them/me.

What was interesting, was that they used their version of the Phonak Target app and used a feature call Target Match. That did the level adjustments at the three-volume levels to calculate the proper REM settings. (Prior to this they ran a Feedback analysis).

Looking at the curve that it generated, it seems to me that it did a pretty good job. In my humble, probably as good or better than an average human operator would.

As background, a few years ago I bought and returned HA’s and they never really worked very well. But as I recall, a human ran the REM, looked at the curve and said, “Looks good to me”. I don’t recall that being automatically matched and I think they needed to manually adjust the levels and I don’t think they bothered. As I thought about it later, it seemed to me that this sort of curve matching was something that a computer could do a decent job at. So Target Match seems to have done that.
Did it do as good a job as a great audi? Perhaps not, but I think it’s pretty close. If I can attach pictures of my REM I will later for reference.

I suspect other vendors also have this sort of auto-match too.

For reference here’s some info re Target Match

What do you guys think of this automatic REM vs manual?
FYI, so far, I am very happy with my HA’s.

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Thank you for that info @steve1, very interesting…… I have Target, and Noah Link Wireless, unfortunately no REM equipment :rofl: :upside_down_face: :joy: Cheers Kev :wink:

I’ve never heard of Phonak TargetMatch so I just googled it. Apparently it came out in 2016. Looks interesting. I’ve worn Phonak Aids for 30 years.

REM (Real…Easy…Money)

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TargetMatch, integrated in Phonak Target is an automated guidance system for real ear and test box measurements, developed by Phonak in collaboration with Otometrics.

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I disagree, and believe that the REM is a very important part of any first time, after repairs, and after ear mold changes. It may not be needed if you have a classic hearing loss, but every time I had an Audi not do the REM I have had a bad hearing aid setup.

Maybe he meant real easy money because REM reduces follow-up visits and returns because it leads to better user outcomes?

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I think it depends on the hearing loss and other hearing needs. I have had REM every time I get aids, and it has still taken multiple visits to get my aids so I can understand speech. I am not saying REM isn’t important because it is, for some it is all they need for others it is a starting point


How so? My audi does REM, and it is included with the cost of my aids. I can pay the same amount elsewhere and not get the REM. Not sure what you are trying to say here.


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Using Real Ear is the science in hearing aid fitting. Knowing how to use it and even more important, how to adjust the instruments properly is the magic in hearing aid fitting. Over the years I have seen numerous “professionals” use real ear basically just for show, they had no idea what to do with the results.