Regular phone and headphones for HoH

I have a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. They work great with my iPhone via bluetooth. However, how do you talk on normal phones? The only way it works for me is putting it on the speakerphone. I have a similar problem with my over-the-ears headphones - they are designed for ears, and not to be above my ears (?).

This may help and may not. I wear ITE hearing aids by Oticon, I use a connect clip and a home phone connect so I can have phone calls streamed to my hearing aids. And for me I can wear over the ear headphones because my aids are in my ears. And I have seen some users of BTE aids take their aids an place them inside of the headphones, when using them. I do not know how well this works but they seem to be happy with it.

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My old desk phone (I’ve changed jobs during the lockdown so not sure if this is true of my new desk phone) has a telecoil in it so for me I switch to the telecoil mode on my Marvels and then I can hear great, in both ears since the left ear transmits the audio to the right ear. Might be something to look into.

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I have a work cell phone and I have BTEs and I use over the ear headphones. I just don’t put them over my ears. The center of the headphones that would normally sit over the ear canal I put on my aids. I use them primarily in data centers where the background noise is tremendous and I can hear the caller fine.

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I wear Oticon OPN S 1 miniRITE hearing aids. The are fairly small and fit behind my ears so old-school closed headphones that seal against my head completely around the ears work OK for me. I have old Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones - they improve low frequency response compared to the hearing aids. They also reduce the room noise passively by about 18 dB so they improve my hearing of the sound from the source the headphones are plugged into. One possible problem is feedback due to the closed space around the hearing aid - with my current hearing aids this is not a problem with the above headphones but could be depending on the gain and setup of your hearing aids.

As for the normal phone question, if your aids have a telecoil included, then you might be able to use magnets on the phone handset to turn the telecoil function on. The phone handset might have sufficient magnetic signal (older is typically better for that) and allow the telecoil to improve your hearing on the phone. You also might be able to change the handset to one that is more compatible with a telecoil assuming the telecoil option is available in your aids.

Like cvkemp, I have an Oticon Connect Clip that works with my hearing aids to allow connection to typical bluetooth devices like computers or non-iPhone bluetooth phones. That allows me to use my hearing aids as a bluetooth “headset” with my work Cisco VOIP desk phone. That allows me to hear better than with either the phone handset or speaker but sometimes the person I’m talking with notices distracting room noises like the AC fans as the Connect Clip microphone array is quite sensitive. Other hearing aid manufacturers have similar intermediary devices but they typically aren’t inexpensive and may have configuration issues and/or odd behavior/complications when used.


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I have the Costco KS8.

Wow, thank you for helping.
From Kirkland Signature 8.0 FAQs | Kirkland Signature 8.0 Hearing Aids
I didn’t know I have it on my iphone (?!#$%):
…"the remote microphone can be activated from the Smart Direct app Settings menu or from the iPhone native app in the Accessibility>MFi Hearing Aids menu. Once activated the iPhone microphone will now transmit the surrounding conversation/sounds directly to the hearing aids.

  • Smart Direct app:
    • Open app
    • Tap Menu icon in lower right corner (3 lines)
    • Scroll down and select Remote Microphone
    • Tap Activate
  • iPhone native app:
    • Triple Click the Home button
    • Tap Hearing Devices
    • Tap Start Live Listen