Refund from GNResound on their hearing aids

Does anyone have any information on the full refund claim on all gn resound hearing aids bought over the last 5 years?

Why would they be doing this?

I’ve had major problems with a specific product series and have not seen any kind of offer like this.

During a recent legal case in the UK a director of ReSound admitted that 3000 returned hearing aids per month are being sent to their factory in Xiamen mainland China to be remade or have their componants stripped to be reused, that means there are people who have new hearing aids and/or repaired hearing aids that contain used parts - this is not very impressive for a premium hearing aid manufacturer. This goes back to 2004.

Hmm … just 2 posts by that poster.

Until I see the data in print I am going to assume that a share price trick is underway.

So eye4you please let us know your credentials, and where we can see this data you mention.

Agreed … two posts and both this thread and starts out controversial without source info provided. Smells pretty fishy … not to mention that a Google search shows only this poster … enough said about eye4you

eyes4you: I think it’s time to put up or shut up. I’m a bit confused when you ask for the information and then you supply it.

I know that Nikolai Bisgaard is the director involved and that the case is currenty in the high court (civil case), I’ll see what else I can find out.
I though if you people were ‘in the trade’ you might have more information.

I’m not in the trade but an owner of resound aids, so I would like to know any info on this.

Shame on them if this is true…

Not a mention in the Q1 GN Interim Report on this, so it must be recent … if true.

Can’t find any mention elsewhere either.

I look forward to hearing more about this …

Internet TROLL…

I have fit thousands of ReSound hearing aids in the United stated over the past 17 years and know most all of their US executives on a first name basis.

This thread is a hoax


The other reason why it is plain wrong is that the original poster says that it affects product going back to 2004. That’s clearly rubish, as it covers several product lines going back to the time of the original Air.

If they said it was because the classic Be product was rubbish though - I’d have said there was a case to answer.

Agreed…:smiley: I have 4 Be’s in a closet that I will probably never fit on a patient. My best bet will be to give them away to someone who can not afford hearing aids…but even that would make me feel guilty…:smiley: :smiley:

When asked for more info all you can do is name dropping?
How about a case number?
Color me skeptical.

I asked my Audiologist about this (who fits ReSound) and she poked around on this subject. It is a complete farce. The person who posted this should be ashamed of themself and kicked out of this forum. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a rep from another manufacturer either.