Reflections on new hearing aids

I’m really enjoying my new KS9s, but my wife recently asked what I liked better about them in day to day use. The TV connector is definitely a big plus. Beyond that the differences are very subtle. In ways the KS7s were more comfortable and the difference in battery life is dramatic. 10-11 days out of the KS7s and 3-4 from the KS9s (both 312) The KS9s are better in certain special use cases and combined with the PartnerMic will give great one on one Speech in Noise performance, but for day to day use, the KS7s really were “good enough.” I wouldn’t have been shorting myself anything significant if I’d decided to just wear them until they broke. Although looking forward to the next hearing aid advancement is a fun hobby for me, in reality I don’t think hearing aids are going to get dramatically better for day to day use. Setting appropriate expectations is likely the key to not being unhappy with your hearing aids.


This is so true.
There is only so much hearing aids can do to help damaged hearing.


I feel that hearing aids could use better speakers. I’m still annoyed when I get better sound from a $20 pair of earbuds than from my HA. I would gladly put up with larger and ungainly speakers if the sound quality improved. I would also be willing to replace them often.