Reducing speech volume


In a thread about Oticon OPN1, someone mentioned that the fitter could tune speech volume, to raise soft voices and lower loud ones. Do other brands have that capability too? Is it a dedicated setting, or tweaking of other parameters? Next time I see my audiologist I’d like her to lower loud voices on my trial Resound LiNX 3D 9’s, preferably only in a quiet setting.


Being able to apply variable gain to different levels of sounds is standard in fitting software. I’m skeptical about being able to limit it to speech sounds, but don’t know. I’m not sure how universal it would be, but I’m pretty sure at least some aids would be able to have lower gain for loud noises for a “Speech in Quiet” setting and have different gain in a “Speech in Noise” setting.


Wouldn’t that fall in the realm of MPO? I’m wondering about using that for children screeching in excitement.


Resound definitely has it. There are sliders or +, - buttons for soft speech, and maybe for other things.

The Kirkland KS8.0 has individual buttons for soft speech, medium speech, and loud speech.