Recruitment and ALD's


I am trying to help someone who wears hearing aids with using Assistive equipment. She is looking for equipment to help her hear better in a classroom and an office and on her office phone.
She uses a resound Multi-Mic, (which she hates) and now she also has a Roger Pen, a Roger Clip on Mic and also a Mino Personal Amplifier.
The Multi Mic doesn’t seem to help with clarity.
My Audi looked at her audiogram and called resound and they suggested flattening out the noise processing on the multi-mic. My Audi also talked about UCL adjustments and CI evaluations.
If I understand recruitment correctly. The person with hearing loss can not be amplified to prescription because its too painful. If this is the case, does anyone know if it is possible for a person with recruitment to successfully incorporate ALD’s? She had some success with a Personal Amplifier, but she doesn’t have t-coils in her aids and using headphones and ALD’s is not something that she is comfortable with yet. We tried using the Multi Mic along with the Pen and clip on Mic. She is going back to her Audi for adjustments but I would just like to know if it’s possible for anyone with recruitment to use ALD’s successfully.