Recovering from losing your program in the Costco Rexton Charismo 2c

Thought I’d share a helpful tidbit I learned – apparently in all of the Costco programs except the Rexton Charismo 2c, the default option when they connect the aids is, “Read out existing program” but for the Charismo, the default option is “New Fitting” which destroys any information you have in your aids.

If “New Fitting” happens by accident, don’t lose hope! There is a way to get your data back. Even though the “session log” from within the Rexton software may be blank, you can get it by backing all the way out to where they double click your name in the appointment calendar in Noah. Then to the right of your name, there’s a rectangular box that says, “Session History.” Clicking that brings up your actual history, then you scroll down to the session date you want to restore, expand it, and choose the icon that looks like a little cross-hair at the end of the session. Double-clicking that will open up the Rexton software with your previous session loaded in.

They can now send that previous program to your aids.

Tech support will walk your dispenser through this, but sometimes knowing it’s possible as a customer and insisting that you don’t have to start from scratch can help.