Recommended acclimation for 1st time HAs

Hello, hubby is getting his new Bernafon open fit (L) and power aid ® on Wednesday!! Very excited. But we’d like to know what the procedure is for the fitting so as not to shock the brain since these will be his first HAs. I heard from one audiologist that the first week, he should only use them for about two hours per day and then steadily increase the following weeks. This makes sense, but I’m wondering if there’s actually a guideline. What is the recommended use for the second week and afterwards? At what point is it safe for my husband to use his HAs at all time (except for showering and sleeping)? Any help appreciated. And Happy New Year! :smiley:

Nobody ever told me not to go full time with them:confused: . I was so amazed at how good they helped that I never took them out. I’m still not satisfied with how they were adjusted the second and 3rd times and am looking for somebody who knows how to use the Starkey program the way it should be used. But all in all they helped alot that I never took them out while I was awake. Hope this helps, Howie:D

P.S. And Happy New Year to you too.:wink:

I do not know the specifics of the Oasis (bernafon software) however, this is what i could tell you…

Most audis use a fitting rule (or formula) which prescribes the amount of gain (think of volume) it would require in each frequency based on the audiogram…

However, it is a know fact that normally the amount of gain overwhelms a person specially if it is a first time user… Some manufactures have fitting formulas (GN has something call confort, and it has an input for like a first time user)… Others like Oticon has something call adatation manager where
the aid is set confortably low and as you use and come back for fine tuning
you get more gain till you get the full fitting formula…

Some high end instruments, you program them really low and as you use them
the instrument itself will gradually increase the gain… for example lets imagine you need 10, the audi will set it on 5 and then 1 db is added automatically each week so the change is not so dramatic… this is available in most high end instruments… like GN azure but I have seen it in others as well

I while ago i saw rexton software and they do also have something like that…

Interesting fact, I was reading yesterday an article by harvey dillon,
about a new fitting formula they are working call NAL NL2, one point he mention how females generally prefer less gain than males and the gender
might be use as a parameter…

Hi ddoobie

I’m in the same boat as hhuck. I’ve worn my aids all day, every day, since I first got them, almost a month ago. The first couple of days, some things were a little too loud. Not really unconfortable, just loud. Ice cubes clinking in a glass and the toilet flushing at work were particularly loud. There were also all of the “interesting sounds”, like really hearing the tumblers click when I put my house key in the lock, or all the little rattle sounds in our van, or the air conditioning fan at work, or how some birds outside sounded like they were sitting on my shoulder :slight_smile: . Within a couple of days, most of that faded into the background, except for a few minutes in the morning when I first put the aids in. Nobody told me to “take it easy”. Anyway, my 2 cents.

Like hhuck, I’m still trying to get them adjusted right.


I got my HA’S last April.

Just put them in and enjoy the new sounds, no real break in period needed.


ps wait a couple of days then fine tune

I am on my 3rd month wearing HA. Mine is Unitron E8 open fit - a mid range pdt but adds up to many $$$ for both ears, nevertheless - especially thinking about how many iPods/iPhone I could have bought otherwise !! .

For me, there are 2 factors that came across as very impt as a new HA wearer -

  1. the degree of adjustments needed to make it work for me
  2. The trial period that was obligated.

My immediate focus was to gather feedback to my Audi on how the settings can be better tuned on my next visit - what I like, what I don’t like.
I set up a small notebook and recorded my experience with the following columns : Date/Time, Where, HA setting, Observation, Remarks.

Under ‘Date/Time’ I indicated duration as far as possible beside just date & time, under ‘Where’, I indicated the place, environment and sometimes also what I was doing, ‘HA settings’ for me included Auto (Automic/auto prog switching), Group (Directional/Restaurant), T-Coil (Phone), ‘Observation’ records my ability to ‘hear’ convesations, ‘Remarks’ records whether the environment and HA setting mix was working for me or needed what kind of adjustment.

I scheduled my Audi visit every 2 weeks during the trial period. As you can see, that’s plenty of work to do for the meanwhile. Yes, I do read about slowly adjusting with a few hours to start with and extending it through time. In my experience, I was so eager to find out what works and what don’t that I literally plan to go through different settings to gather feedback. Right from day 1, I was wearing my HA almost full-time, except for periods that I wanted my hearing to have a ‘rest’. The open fit helps - although I did feel something in my ear, it wasn’t uncomfortable. In fact, I had some fun, planning visits to restaurants, parks, movies, family gatherings etc with my wife. We even went for a shopping trip to get a fedora hat which I would need in the rainy fall and winter season! My wife is soft-spoken, so I figure I have to be able to hear her clear and well in each environment with the HA to pass the trial!

For each subsequent visit, I had a detailed list and a short list of adjustments I want done by the Audi. As a result, I feel involved and very much part of the process. I am happy to say that I have a high degree of satisfaction with my particular fit of the HA - a combination of the features and compabilities of the HA, my Audi’s experience in tuning and my effort in providing feedback and in knowing what I what out of it. The trial was 2 months during which, in each of the 2 week interval, there was something that can be tuned to improve the sound and comfort. I was glad I did not go the Internet route - my experience of it wasn’t “fit it according to audiogram and forget it” scenario, it did required some work. For me, my HA’s in my ear when I go to work and off when I get to bed or taking showers.

I do hope your husband can make this experience work for him - the ‘how often’, ‘how long’ question will probably take care of itself - it is ultimately how well the HA work and how comfortable it wears that will determine his adaptation - and that’s what the trial period is for. Make full use of it.

Good Luck!