Recommend replacement aid

Kudos to Adm for all your help.

Replacing 7 yr old Starkey A-13 Sequel AV MMP (two mics) right ear. Left ear no response. Am long time hearing aid user.

Rt. ear

250 65 db
500 55 db
1000 70db
2000 60db
3000 70db
4000 80db

Speech discrimination %90

Am hiker bothered by wind noise. (difficulty in all noisey environs)

I use neck loop for theaters.

Want to be able to control volume either by remote or at aid. Auto control ok, if I have self control capability also.

Cn you suggest couple of aids to try.

Would Phonak Savia Art, Savia or Eleva offer sim level of benefit or are Savia Art ,Savia worth the extra money over Eleva?

(other brands?)

Many Thanks


Yes, I would have to say that the benefits in the Savia Art really does justify the price.

You may also want to look at the Audeo IV, which is based on the Savia ART, if you have a high frequency hearing loss especially. They are very small, comfortable and very stylish.

The way they both deal with wind noise, for example, are very good and they are automatic, yet can be operated with remote.

The BTE and Micro BTE’s all have telecoils if you get the CRT (receiver in the ear) or on the BTE’s with size 13 battery.

Your response re:Phonax Savia ART very helpful. Thank you.

You previously commented on Phonax Savia, in reply to individual having problems on phone with telecoil, to have his Audi change to T/C to M/T. You also commented re some problems with auto telecoil and neckloops.

Is this still issue (phone use and T/C) with Savia ART or only with Savia?

Does Phonax Savia ART have manual telecoils or Auto?

Any neckloop issues with Savia ART?

Your reply and time appreciated


The Savia Art with Easyphone can be configured to switch automatically when a phone is put against the ear, but for neckloop use, you really should manually activate the Telecoil that can be setup as M/T also, so that you can hear both external sounds and thru the neckloop.

To do this, if you are getting the micro models, you will need a remote. Otherwise, the BTE 211 or up (models that use the 13 battery) can be manually activated on the instrument, but on Phonaks, you will have to switch each one, unless you use the remote.

One other option you may want to look at the the Oticon Epoch, which you can get with a Bluetooth Streamer, which works quite well and also communicates between both hearing aids so that they switch at the same time.

They are also about as equally costly.

Thank you; your replies very helpful.

i would also look into Siemens - their wireles aids looks very good
oticon epoq - is a great instrument
there are very good choices,