Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Can anyone tell me what hearing aids use rechargeable batteries (without having to remove the batteries)? I have knowledge of only one - the Siemens Pure, Life, and Motion series.

Somewhere I saw Costco?

The Costco Kirkland Signature Series
http colon //shop dot costco dot com/In-The-Warehouse/Hearing-Aid-Center/Kirkland-Signature dot aspx

At this time the Siemens Pure/Pure Carat hearing aids and comparable sub-brands (rexton) are the only ones with recharging capabilities.

A while back Resound had the Pulse which was rechargable, but to the best of my knowledge has been discontinued. No other replacement device has been developed by this brand.

Forgot to add Siemens Motion BTE’s are also rechargable. Life BTE’s seem not to have the recharger feature.

Are the Rexton Cobalt 16 truly equivalent to the Siemens Pure line? On some websites that group hearing aids into different categories (i.e. Premium, Mid-range) they don’t put the Pure and Rexton line in the same category.

While I am not entirely familiar with the rexton line, they are essentially the same products as what Siemens carries.

I would recommend a size 13 rechargeable battery over a size 312 as they have a higher capacity.

If you do a cost benefit analysis, you may find that it is not worth going to rechargeables. The batteries drain quicker and at the most inconvenient of times.

Hi everyone!
I have also a similar query please advice a hearing aid for my father-in-law, his age is 68. He stays in New delhi, India. A friend advice me Dr.Sandeep at Center for Hearing Aids. Are they good? I saw there website and after seeing it i am confused which one i should purchase for him.


not to mention the risk of fire or explosion

There has been at least one incident of a Siemesn hearing aid using a rechargeable battery spontanauosly combusting whilst being worn

There is one other where a hearing aid from China actually blew up whilst being recharged…

There is a reason why mainstream manufacturers dont use rechargeable batteries as a general rule…

how many HAs, cellular phones, mp3 players, laptops, etc… get charged everyday?

anyone that has decent rechargeable batteries that are now not going to be using please send them to me.

Another problem with this story is that he says they were in his ear. Only the RIC/BTE models are rechargeable. The battery would have been behind his ear, not in it.

maybe that was his problem putting the battery in his ear…

I had rechargeable with my old HAs (Resound Pulse) and hated them. Expensive, recharger issues and didn’t last very long. Cost wise it would have been cheaper to use disposable. My audi doesn’t offer rechargeable anymore.

Hansaton is offering rechargeables for their high end models.

Second all of this.

After buying a second set for over $ 60 for my Siemens motions, I switched to regular batteries. The rechargables would start to go bad or even when new, would fade during the day… but not so much that the Siemens would detect it and sound an alert.
So I often was not getting optimum performance. My audiologist alerted me to this.

The regular batteries give me two weeks of service.
I buy my batterys from Hearing Planet and they are top quality and inexpensive.