Recent Experience: Local audi, TruHearing, YesHEaring

I had my (much delayed due to COVID) visit with my ENT (issues other than my hearing). I did see the audiologist associated with his office at the same time and she said my four year old Resound Lynx 3D’s were pretty shot. It’s amazing how you tend to not notice the degradation over time.
exAnyhow, I call my insurance company and they have a deal with TruHearing. What an unmitigated disaster. I told them that I wanted the latest version of what I already had and that I had my own fitting capability (I have a NoahLink/Airlink2 and SmartFit) and a recent audiogram, and I just wanted the aids. They routed me to a local audiologist who doesn’t even handle Resound. I gave up. No follow up. No nothing. Wham bam, we’ll just give you what we got.

I did some checking around Costco and some of the other places and tripped across YesHEaring. I have to say they have been extremely responsive. WIthin a day they had the order placed with Resound and a local audiologist (a guy moonlighting from his day job) to fit me. The fact that I had my own fitting stuff didn’t phase them at all. A slight glitch where the wrong receivers were ordered was instantly dealt with (and more). I can’t be more happy. They’ve done a better job at a price over $1000 less than what my regular audi wanted to charge me.