Receiving iPhone weather report as audio on my Oticon Opn miniRITE

Hi to All’

I have Oticon OPN Mini rite and the weather report was in text on the screen of my iphone and I also received it in Audio. It was just awesome.
Has anyone with Oticons experiened this. I may have touched something to make this happen I do not know what i touched to get this capability of course.

Thanks for any inpiut.

I’m guessing that you have some kind of text to speech translation app enabled on your iPhone that does this that you don’t know about. Either that or the weather report app you have itself does that text to speech for you.

I don’t think that the Oticon OPN has anything to do with it. It just happens that the OPN receives the translated audio stream from your iPhone because the OPN is connected to your iPhone via MFI connection.

Here’s a screenshot of the feature:

Assumes facts not in evidence. Would the OP really be asking the question if it occurred as the screenshot indicates?

I dunno, @jay_man2. I know it surprised me when I inadvertently discovered it.

[Look, I’m just trying to help. Are you assuming that it could not have gone unnoticed by the OP, also?]

Hm, that’s interesting. If I did that on my iPhone, I only get Copy/Look Up/Share. I didn’t get the Speak one. Maybe there’s some kind of setting in the iPhone that needs to be turned on for it? But I didn’t have my OPN connected to my iPhone at the time I tried this. Maybe that’s why I don’t see it.

PS. I just connected my OPN to my iPhone but still don’t get the Speak either.

Yes there is -here’s another screenshot:

The Speak Screen option doesn’t provide the prompt banner that I originally got flamed for: you just swipe down from the top of the screen with 2 fingers.

Ah OK, thanks. I just turned it on and got the Speak now. It’s pretty cool! The voice is very nice and clear, not robot sounding at all.

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You can even select a favorite voice, accent, gender, and all, as well as being able to adjust speed of delivery!

I wasn’t flaming you. I just find it highly unlikely that the OP would not realize what happened as it’s obvious in your screenshot that it’s an OVERT ACTION to hit SPEAK.

It is nice to know that this feature exists. I’m sure some will find it quite handy.

I’ll try to confine myself to direct, factual input on my experience with hearing and hearing aids in the future, as to not rub any forum elders the wrong way.

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That’s not necessary: your humour was just not apparent to me. I apologize for seeming “prickly”. [Truth be known, I’ve just been surprised lately by the exact opposite of what you were contributing - a sense of humour on the Forum ]

BTW: speaking of “elder matters” : the first time I encountered this Speak function, I didn’t know it existed, and my eyes failed to perceive it among the banner choices. I just wanted to copy something to paste elsewhere. I highlighted my selection and was surprised as hell when (due to my essential tremor) I inadvertently hit “Speak”, and it did!

So - that supposedly overt action was also missed by me.

Wow! Thanks. I had no idea this was available.

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Thank You for the Screen shot and all the input. . This appears to be a good topic and helpful to many.

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