Receiver wire breakage with earmolds vs. domes

I am going to need the custom ear molds, and I am going to need them to be hard shell due to allergies. Have you seen issues with the tinny wires breaking more with the ear molds than with domes. I am trying to decide between Minirite aids and a true BTE PP aids with the tubes. I do not care about my aids been seen and I normally point out the fact that I wear aids so I can get people to look at me when talking.

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Interesting: Yes, one of the wire connections broke about 4 months ago on mine and I had to send it through the clinic to Oticon. The other one is still intact. You might inquire if an “extraction” handle can be added to the moulds so you don’t have to pull on the wires when removing them. These are a common feature with cic instruments.

the molds that I really want will be about the same as full shell ITE aids. I do not wish to get the mini molds.

An extraction handle should be easily added even if it was not originally ordered. But then not all “professionals” have the modification capability to do that. Better ask before they order the molds. If they come with extraction handles, and you don’t need them, they should be easily removed (once again if they have the modification capability). After teaching hearing aid repair and modification classes for thirty years, I am still amazed at how many can not do basic mods.

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I have always had custom hard shell molds, but only mini ones. I tried the generic mushrooms for a bit and their seal was vastly inferior (for me) to my custom shells. I did have to adjust how I push them into my ears and had to break a bad habit of pushing them in constantly (habit from older days and poorer fitting products) in order to minimize stress on the wire.