Receiver sizes

I’m wondering if different manufacturers make them in different sizes and shapes? I have power in the ear receivers that are connected to a pair of Oticn Vigo pro’s. Seems like when I push them in the canal where they are comfortable the speaker is against the canal wall and thus given a muffled effect. The balance between in to far and about to fall out is is slim.
Anyone else experience this kind of feeling?

Each earbud dome or tulip is different in the narrows of our ears. Those plastic things must be cheap. Try a variety of them to see if one is better than the other.
I know when they get plugged with ear wax, mine scream and howl like crazy.


Here’s a link to a description about Oticon Molds.

Look around in the Professional section for downloads of your model. This is about Epoq.
Sorry, the picture was lost.

I think you’ve answered my question :slight_smile:
There is a P(power?) on one side of both.
Each also has 3R and 3L on the opposite side.
That would make them Long receivers?

Is it best for a power receiver to go as far in the canal as comfortably possible?

The Vigo Fitting Guide seems to have some useful information.

I could be missing something from the fitting guide.
I do not see where they are talking about power receivers and sizes.
Also my unit is black and rectangular, not white and round.

I think the document is for all Vigo models. For what it’s worth on page 31 it says “The length of the speaker unit (1, 2, 3, or 4) is indicated on the receiver”.

That picture does not represent a picture of my unit though :slight_smile:
This picture
may not be a good one but this is my unit.
Does anyone know if it comes in different lengths or sizes?

Okay, check out this document on page 2 Vigo Pro and Vigo Family.

The first document I pointed to was Epoq not Vigo, so I was looking for more document which might speak about receiver size specifically for Vigo.

RITE power is me.
Sounds like we’re on the right track. I wonder if any of the pro’s from the list have any input?

Thanks for the input so far PVC :slight_smile:

Here’s a nEarcomvideo. Oh and if the HAs are not wireless you may need cables from nEarcom to HAs.

The pros usually don’t comment on details like this.

When you visit a manufacturer’s website they have documents like this in the Professional section (usually under downloads). In the Consumer section they usually have only glitzy sales brochures.

The Sizing 1-4 is the length of the formed wire that goes from the HA body into your ear and ending at the reciever (speaker). The actual body of the reciever, the part that the domes fit onto is the same length & diameter regardles of wire length. Power recievers are usually larger in diameter than the standard ones and may or may not be longer also. This is to accommodate the larger, more powerful speaker.

Changing reciever lengths may only make the HA fall out easier (if you go shorter) Try the various size domes to see if you can get a more secure fit, if not the alternatives are to ask the AuD to add the retainer piece to your recievers (a thin “Tail” that curves along the inside surface of the ear and is very discrete) They do a pretty good job for some folks and can be cut to length as needed. The AuD can also do minor customizations to the reciever wire shape using a low temp heat & bend process and that would make your wire longer or shorter or possibly change the angle of entry into your ear canal. The other alternative would be to get custom molds.

If you begin considering custom molds then go back and revisit reply #3 on page 1 (Oticon Molds). Not because I’m suggesting you use Oticon custom molds. But because there is lots of information in the document about canal locks, retention problems, etc.

Thanks Squeezer for clarifying things. I learned a little more.

Thanks for the great info :slight_smile:


So the dome should hold the RIC in the ear not the Ear Grip, or As I call it “Kick Stand”, I had a change to the smaller dome because the larger domes felt snug, not uncomfortable just snug, and added the Ear Grip… DUH guess I should have asked.

Great info thank you

Just talked to my audiologist. The RITE power dome only comes in one size.

I forgot to ask what the P on the each side mean and the 3L & 3R on the opposite sides mean.