Receiver failure, help

I am searching this wonderful forum for about ten months. I learned here a lot.
I am 57 years old women, immigrated into Canada about twenty years ago. English is my second language and my hearing loss does not help it either. :mad:
I am sorry for the mistakes I make or I will make in my post. I need some expertise and advice.
A year ago I was fitted with BTE Bernarfon Verite 7, with custom ear-molds.
I was very exited when I heard lively sounds, and awesome speech recognition. I needed just a few adjustments, and I was very satisfied with the results, I use my ha in average 7 hours a day.
A few months passed (3) when the sound in the right one (I have problem only with one HA) drops. I went back to clinic; the receiver (speaker; in the ear) was exchanged. The third time it broke down, they started hinting on my being somehow at fault.
Next 4 months passed and the same situation.
Today it dropped the sound again. I think there something wrong with the chip, but I am not tech, this is why I need help.
Maybe someone have an idea what can cause this kind of failure. Any information can help and will be greatly appreciated.
I keep them dry and clean, I change the wax stops often, even my ears do not produce a lot of wax. I have a few days before my appointment and hopefully I will get some answers here.
thank you so much

Where do you normally store them when you are not wearing them?

In my hearing aids case:)

Buy a Dry and Store and see if problems you are having go away.

I keep it in dry and store usually over night:)

He means purchase a specific device called a “Dry - N - Store”. It’s a unit specifically designed to dry out the hearing aids by using forced air, a dessicant brick, and also employs a UV light to kill bacteria. There are other units like the Dry-N-Store that are less expensive and don’t have the UV light and work marvelously. I’d look into getting something that uses forced air at a minimum to dry your hearing aids overnight and see if that helps (like seb suggested).

Honestly, it just sounds like normal wear-and-tear on the hearing aids. Not being familiar with the Bernafon product I’m not sure if their receivers are prone to breaking down…but I have a couple patients, through no fault of their own, have receivers that go bad about every 4-6 months. I replace them. They’re under warranty.

The great thing with RIC’s is that you can fix them in the office when the receivers go bad. The ear canal can be a hostile environment. Some people more than others. I would bet money that it’s just some moisture that’s causing the receivers to short-out. Don’t let the people where you bought them make you think you’re doing something wrong. If you are following the care techniques they told you about and doing everything like you’re supposed to, then that’s all that can be asked of you. You can’t control the electronics or the moisture level in your ear.

You can even get an over-the-counter hearing aid dryer at most pharmacies that just uses a desiccant brick…probably will set you back about $10-$15 and that might even do the job.

It’s the same as the Oticon one, just replace the No-Wax reasonably often and they should be good. I have got some of the Oticon and Bernafon customers still on their original receiver after four or five years. Other people burn through them much quicker though, like you say.

DocAudio and Un Bongo, thank you so much. I follow every post of yours. I do whatever they said in office and I did get all accessories required to keep it dry and save:D. I thought maybe the ha are not up to the job, I mean my hearing loss. :slight_smile:
Thank you for the answer:D
This time is the microphone, they send it back to the manufacture.

No problem.

The top mounted mics can get perspiration in them, which will reduce their performance. I hope sending them for servicing restores them to their original levels for you.

Just wanted to thank DocAudio, for giving info on Dry-N-Store as even I was new to this.

Just update.:smiley: I got my hearing aid back,(new microphone) ,and the sound is incredible; clear and loud. I think the microphone did not work correctly for a long time, maybe it was kind of broken for a long time. Does it make any sense? Finally my hearing in a right ear, is kind of matching to the left one (without the hearing aid) so I found that I am balanced. I hope it will last:)