'Rebooting' brain could ease ringing in ears

Scientists have found a way to ease chronic ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus, by stimulating a neck nerve and playing sounds to reboot the brain, according to research published Wednesday. Researchers used rats to test a theory that they could reset the brain by retraining it so that errant neurons return to their normal state.
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Very interesting article aero777… Many thanks for sharing it:D

For me, just to hear silence again would be a dream!

Cheers, Kev:D

That would be great, I agree, Kev, but I’m not sure we want to find out what happens when my brain is rebooted :eek:. I figure there’s a 50-50 chance we either get a Blue Screen of Death as with a Windows PC, or utter gibberish gets dumped from memory. I’ll let other people be the guinea pigs on this one.

Aye well hamjor, I would risk it, according to the wife there is not a lot between my lugs anyway, so the reboot would make little difference:D

Cheers, Kev:D

The article is great but how do I reset my own brain without going to a doc? I would love to stop my Tinnitus and resetting almost always works on my computer.

I dont get it how do they know the rats have tinnitus?

It is quite simple for researchers to know the rats have tinnitus, first they implanted recievers on the nerves, and the expose the rats to loud blasts to trigger tinnitus, then they can see the effect on the recievers :slight_smile:

OMG THANKS for the laugh I really needed that badly right about now:o

been banging my head on the wall since sony put that new arbitration clause into their online terms of use. then finding out my bank, internet provider, and movie provider also jumped on the band wagon, which are the only big companies in my life but provide the most important needs for my life:(

LOL but aren’t you worried that you might do an emergency hard-drive dump of your brain. I mean it took some serious scientist that only think they discovered how to do it.

About 10 minutes ago I was listening to really loud music in one of my ears from an iPod.

Thanks, I have suffered from this for a long time and it is annoying especially when i take my hearing aid out ready to go to bed :frowning:

Yes i was thinking the same thing lol, Maybe brain scans?

Sounds very extreme :slight_smile:

No one is going to reboot my brain, my bairn is nothing like Microsoft Windows Operating System who is the inventor of rebooting. And yes, I’ve stated this, “This ringing in my ears is driving me crazy,” yet I’m not that crazy, least not yet.

Thank goodness that Microsoft is not the inventor & maker of our cars, just think of the many inconvenient reboots you would be faced with while driving your car down the highway & byways of America.

Listening to really loud music is really bad for your ears and can worsen or create Tinnitus.

The initial link appears to be broken. Here is a PR direct from the university:

Has anyone heard of mindfulness meditation for tinnitus?
search for this on the Internet, also go to www dot tinnitus dot org dot uk / mindfulness-for-tinnitus

I have had tinnitus for as long as I can remember. My sister and father have it as well. We all have progressive hearing loss. My father is in his 70’s , my sister and I are are in our 50’

Eight years ago my sister went gluten free. In the last five years, her progressive hearing loss stabilized. Over the last five years she has had no more hearing loss and minimal tinnitus.

On the other hand, although I am younger, I have caught up with her in terms of hearing loss. She used to be worse than me. My father and I have both terrible tinnitus continually with strong bouts of it, when it masks so much sound around me.

After my sister’s results, I have gone gluten free for 3 months. It has been a miracle. My tinnitus is still always there but it has minimized.It’s just there in the background. The only time it has come to the forefront is when I cheated on my diet. Twice I had a beer- the tinnitus kicked up the next day. And, just the other day I had a bunch of “Stone Wheat Thin” crackers (something I’ve missed going gluten free). The next day my tinnitus was terrible - and the tin sound returned - something I haven’t had for months.

I want to tell the whole world - try going gluten free. It may be doing the same thing to you that it is to me.

I run mindfulness classes and remember one participant reporting the quality of her tinnitus improved incidentally during the class.

For myself mindfulness helped me let go of the anger and sadness that came up in relation to it, but the tinnitus itself is as loud as ever for me.

I still pray for a cure of course!

I remember reading somewhere (maybe scientific american?) about a research plan to develop a pharmaceutical cure for deafness… in about 50 years! so I’ll be hanging around for that one too!