Real Ear Measures in Herefordshire, England

Hi Folks,
Just had some new hearing aids from Specsavers, someone told me that I should have “Real Ear Measures” done and wondered if anyone knows of a good audiologist in Herefordshire where I can get this done.


Unlikely that anyone will want to take on a speccies fitting as a matter of course. You might need to pay for an adjustment. If you’re wearing speccies own brand, it’s possible that you might not be able to get them adjusted externally.

Scott Wroe is excellent but he might baulk at adjusting your aids as he’s pretty fed up of being undercut and then people expecting his subsequent expertise,

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Are you sure Specsavers won’t do it?
I have NHS aids supplied and fitted by Specsavers and they have always done a REM without me asking for it.

To be honest I haven’t asked them and they never said anything about it too me, they just set the aids up via a laptop, I will have to get in touch with them.
Thanks for your answer.