Ready for New Hearing Aids - Which to choose

disagree with Phonak Marvel being fully BT capable still has tons of issues if on android.

If you need bluetooth within the hearing aids, i’d personally wait for the next generation of bluetooth hearing aids.

I’ve read about the issues talked about. Kate and I have both owned Marvel M90-R’s for over a year and have none of these issues. Well, early on we did have the issue of not being able to connect to more than one device, but that issue was resolved with the Marvel 2.0 firmware update. So currently we honestly have no issues.

Do you own the Marvels artexjay, and if so are you having issues after the 2.0 firmware update?

The lst generation Phonak BT HA did/do have problems. I have those - came out the year before Marvel. They work well enuf for me. Even moderate BT phone usage burns thru batteries.