Reading glasses causing Oticon Altas to change program selection on its own



This is very weird. I just got a pair of Oticon Alta pros. I’ve been using Agil Pros for years with no issue. I got the Altas and they work great but then I found that when I went out to meetings or to the bank, the hearing aids would change from program 1 to program 3 for about 10 seconds then go back to the program 1 setting which I normally use. They would do this throughout the meeting about every 20 minutes or so.

They work fine at home and at some other locations.

Well, what I discovered is that this happens ONLY when I put on my new pair of reading glasses which I keep in my car and wear to meetings and at the bank. It seems like something with the glasses earpiece is interfering with the Alta’s settings or communications.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what is causing this or how to mitigate this other than not wearing the glasses?


Sounds like the hearing aids are reacting as if there is a magnet nearby.


Interesting. So the temple piece on the reading glasses may be magnetized. I’ll have to research how to demagnitize them and will report back if that solved the issue. I The temple frames are metal, covered at the end by the ear with plastic.


@Don you were correct. I took two small magnets and put on near the glasses and the other near the earpiece and held them for 30 seconds, now my Altas no longer change programs on their own when I put on those glasses.


Glad I could help!..