Re-programing an old Phonak aid

I have a set of old BTE Phonak SonoForte2 analog hearing aid that still work well, but my hearing has degraded over time so they are not really loud enough now to be even a backup set for me. I was wondering, however, if maybe they can be kicked up a notch so that they would be useful again for backup (they are programmable) … or maybe for use during boating or in other “dangerous” hearing aid environments. The problem is I cannot find anyone in town that can (will) still program these. Does any one know of mail order place that can re-program old hearing aids to fit (as much as possible) my new hearing profile? (I goggled one place in India…but that seems a long way to ship from USA).

125/60, 250/70, 500/75, 750/75, 1500/80, 3000/85, 6000/na…bilateral
Speech 85% @ 100db with both ears. Current aid Phonak Supero, but in market for replacements.

Hi Willis,
We have plenty of Audis here who are happy to repair and re-program old aids, but occasionally I have sent aids to the States for service.
I have found the service provided by in Ohio to be top quality, reasonably priced and easy to deal with even at this distance.
I haven’t used the following US repair shops but their names often pop up on forums:
Good Luck