Re-pairing repaired Paradise HA

I have a pair of Phonak Paradise HA, issued by the VA while I was in the US. Now in Thailand, my left side stopped working. I sent it back to the VA and they fixed it. However, now I can’t get the left side to pair together with my right side.
I tried removing and reinstalling my phone app, but again, only my right side pairs. Any hints/suggestions would be appreciated.

Your hearing aids need to be paired again within the software.

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I tried pairing them with the phoneapp…my left side pairs, but my (repaired) right side doesn’t.

If you leave your left one turned off, does the right still not pair?

I suspect you will need to get someone with the fitting software to help you as @Zebras is saying.

Just to confirm that you need to pair to the phone first (only the master will show up) and then open the app delete your old pairings,then start again the pairing process,both should now pair.

So, I have tried all the usual things…when I remove & reload the phone app, then try to pair both side, the phone app recognizes both sides, but when I select one of them to pair, the other side is no longer available. If I connect the right side, the phone app (remote control) will show ‘no device’ for the left…and vice versa.
When I make a call on my phone or listen to a podcast, I am able to listen on one side only.
However!! When I use my roger connect to listen to the TV, both sides have audio…but I am able to control the volume on only one side, using the phone app.
I’ve dealt with bluetooth issues over the years…I’m not ready to give up just yet. But welcome any ideas.

Did you read @tenkan post above? I think it’s probably correct that you have to forget and re-pair the aids with the phone before starting the app and re-pairing the aids with the app. It’s two separate things.

Agree with the suggestions about re-pairing. But I’ll mention my own recent experience. I had plenty of success pairing my previous Marvels and my wife’s Paradise aids. But when it came to my own Paradise aids, the connections were very flaky. Lots of “internal error” messages when using the app. Deleted everything multiple times to no avail. Audi had set the bluetooth connection to adaptive bandwidth. I changed them to fixed bandwidth and had no further issues.

Did you try pairing to a different (as in wife’s) phone?

How many Bluetooth connections can you see in the phone’s Bluetooth settings? And what are their names?
There should be only three:

A) LE_L_Phonak and LE_R_Phonak:
These two are needed to connect to the MyPhonak app. LE stands for Bluetooth low Energy. You don’t need them for streaming or phone calls. You can ignore them for now.

B) The third one is L-Phonak or R-Phonak.
As @tenkan mentioned, this is the master. The master HA receives the stereo streaming signal for both HAs. The signal to the opposite HA is then transmitted via the HAs own communication channel. Not via Bluetooth.

But there can only be one master. The fitter defines in the PC-SW (Target) which one shall be the master. Maybe you have two masters now. This might be possible since you only sent one in for repair and they had to reprogram it.
It might explain the problem you have. The “fight” for the opposite HA.

Do you see both L-Phonak and R-Phonak?

I appreciate all the ideas about resolving my bluetooth problem. I’ve tried all the ideas, including using my wife’s phone (Pixel vs my Samsung S21). Even when the phone recognizes the (repaired) left side, and the phonak app shows the left side, the audio plays only on the right side.
I’m going to call the repair facility at the VA in the next day or two and see if they can long-distance-re-pair the hearing aids. My only other option will be to fly to Bangkok and have a phonak outlet take a look at them. In the end, it’s not a showstopper…both hearing aids work fine and when I watch TV (using the roger-connect, I get audio in both ears. Thanks again

I appreciate you taking the time to help me sort this out: Looking at my phone’s bluetooth: I am connected to Me-Right for calls and audio. I also show a LE_Me - Left. I can control the volume/programs on my phoneapp, but only on the left side.
If I remove all bluetooth settings and uninstall the app, then switch off both HA, and go to pairing mode (on both, at the same time), I show LE_Me - Left and Me - Right…but not RE_Me - Right.
Again, without installing the app, I can pair the right side (Me - Right). If I try to pair from LE_Me - Left, the phone advises me that I need an app to do that (Phonak app not yet installed).
Ok, now I install the phonak app: When I attempt to pair both sides, the app shows LE_Me - Left Select, and LE_Me - Right Select (both green). However, if I select the R, then I cannot select the L. If I select the L, I cannot select the R. If I select the L, it pairs just fine, but the R (on the Remote Slider) shows No Device. BUT, when I make a phone call or listen to an podcast on my phone, sound only goes to my Right side. AND, when I listen to the TV through my Roger Connect, I get volume on both sides, but again the app only allows me to control the volume on one side (in this case, the left).
I’ve tried all the voodoo methods of handling bluetooth issues that I’m familiar with…no luck. I’m pretty convinced it’s an issue with one side being reprogrammed while under repair. I’m probably going to have to go to Bangkok at some point and try to have the issue resolved. At this point, I can live with this problem…don’t like it, but I can live with it.
Thank you again for trying your hand!