RE: Mild Hearing Loss?

I am a newbie here and I just had my audiogram and I have bilateral mild hearing loss, especially in the 2000, 4000 hz range… Maybe due to noise or whatever. I just have my Oticon Deltas ordered…I hope I do ok with them. It has been increasingly hard to hear, the TV and people speaking behind walls etc…I wonder what I will be hearing with them on!:slight_smile: I was getting very tired of everyone “nagging” me…I just told them they had “bionic hearing”, like it was their problem…I cant say that now after looking at my audiogram… I also have constant tinnitus, my own personal emergency broadcast system in my head…LOL…I am glad however that mild gain aids were considered…I think it will help. Anyone else out there with mild loss?

I have mild to moderate loss in the high frequency range (1500 - 6000 Hz). I was diagnozed in 2002 but was told by an Ear, Nose and Throat doc that my condition wasn’t all that bad and so I waited and endured the frustration of not hearing all conversations especially those I had with my young daughters. When I saw that Oticon had released a new design brand - Delta - I had to give it a go. I have had the Delta6000 (both ears) since Nov. 2006 and I cannot believe how much I was missing. I few sessions to fine tuning the HAs and I’m all set. Two malfunctions: 1) the speaker part stopped working and 2) one unit died, both issues quickly resolved with replacements, no hassles. Drawbacks: I wish they hugged my head better, although many have told me that they do not notice them, and, with all HAs the battery life is short, in my case 5-6 days. I highly recomment buying online at Great service and unbeatable price. I bought a case that should last all year. I’m 46 years young and I probably should have gotten HAs long ago. When my one unit died, I felt completely muted on that side (mind you I am not deaf) and I was relieved when I got the replacement in.Good luck with your HAs!

Thanks for your reply…
My 2000 and 4000 is boarderline moderate…the rest of my frequencies are low normal or mild… I wish I had gone sooner (I am now 53 years old and kids in college), but I suppose better late than never…Thanks for the tip on batteries…I am sure going to go through alot… We will see how it goes tommorow, my daughter is coming with me, so that will be nice, I wonder if her voice will sound different! I suppose I am missing more than I know…I also began thinking after I saw my audiogram, if I was mildly hearing impaired as a kid and it never was picked up, I remember hearing tests and they always seemed to be calling me back to repeat the test many times…I remember being told by teachers, I dont listen, I dont pay attention, etc…my grades were terrible…especially reading etc I was also terribly introverted and shy…oh well water under the bridge now…I think the world will be sounding very different from now on!
Thank You and Blessings to all :slight_smile:


Don’t ever listen to ENT’s when they claim you wouldn’t benefit from a hearing aid, this is coming from an Audiologist who works with two of them. Point is, they don’t know whats available to patients and don’t know anything about hearing aids. :lol:

Steve, Thanks for your response here, In retrospect I can see how my hearing loss has been overlooked and totally minimized by MD’s. I was told several times by my primary doctor that my hearing loss was “not bad for my age”…Now what is that supposed to mean that it is normal to have a hearing loss? I mentioned hearing issues to my MD many times, not just once…Doesnt make sense to me…and just because a hearing loss is mild, does that automatically mean it doesnt get treated? So I have been frustrated for years and I blamed others for years when they nagged me about my lack of hearing only to find out that I was the one with the difficulty…
You were so RIGHT when you said…
Don’t ever listen to ENT’s when they claim you wouldn’t benefit from a hearing aid, this is coming from an Audiologist who works with two of them. Point is, they don’t know whats available to patients and don’t know anything about hearing aids. THAT IS SO TRUE…
The other shock was the lack of insurance…why when they have insurance riders for eyeglasses do they not have insurance for hearing aids? I guess I am feeling a healthy sense of anger here…and a new found respect for the gift of hearing…I am forever grateful to my audi…she is an angel…:smiley: She listens and does not minimize my hearing loss…she understands that even a mild loss can cause a great deal of difficulty and frustration in ones daily life…Thank God for Audi’s …Blessings to All…:smiley: Susan

The reason why 95% of insurance companies don’t cover hearing aids is because they have no odds to play. Everyone will have hearing loss at some point in time in their lives, they know this. It’s not like heart condition, where 1 in 5 Americans will be affected, they aren’t paying out for quadruple by-pass on every one who has a pulse. See where I’m going…

Health insurance has come down to a business first, health care second. Part of me wishes they did, part of me is glad they don’t. The reason why I’m glad they don’t is because if they all paid, they’d all be dictating what I can fit on my patients. So someone in a cubicle in Texas, who knows nothing about hearing or hearing aids, would be telling me how to do my job.

You make a wonderful point here and I believe you are so right. I think if insurance companies do get involved, they are involving “their wallets” and not perhaps what is in the patients best interest…I never thought of it in that way…Hopefully the better route perhaps is some tax benefits or special deductions that might take the sting out of paying for HA’s…I did read that at one time that was considered…but I dont know the status of that proposed legislation. I am very grateful for professionals like yourself who put their patients needs first :smiley:

I was told that hearing aids do not make your hearing ability worse. I just got tested yesterday which is 1 year after getting my first set of hearing aids.
Here is the data of what changed:
@250= 45dB was: 10dB
@500= 45 was: 20
@ 1k = 40 was: 20
@ 2k = 30 was: 25
@ 4k = 40 was: 35
@ 6k = 45 was: 50
@ 8k = 65 was: 55

The “was” refers to test result from 1 year ago before 1st set of hearing aids fitted to help my hearing students in the class room.
prior to last year the changes were much less year over year.
my left ear has similar ability but change is not so great.
My question is, should I be seeing someone about it? I have no other problems and can hear well with my aids on:(

Was the test conducted in the same location and with the same equipment?

Sometimes, even day to day, you can have a 5-10 db difference in results, thus the changes you are showing may not be as bad as it appears. Of course, if this continues to change year after year this way, then that is a matter of concern.

I am glad to hear you are hearing well with the aids on, so that is a good thing.

Hi Admin,
Thanks for putting some perspective on things. You said that even from day to day I could expect 10dB change. Well, my tinnitus varies quite a bit especially towards the right ear so I perceive a masking effect could be happening here. In addition, in reference to the equipment, the test was done in the same place but by a different audi using a different procedure. My anxiety has been eased, thanks again. I will check again a year from now though.:slight_smile:

I was disgnosed with moderate sensorineural hearing loss in both ears and had difficulting hearing conversations in the presence of background noise. I was aware that I lost some of my “discrimmination” which made understanding speech “easier”. Music still sounds great but perhaps I am not hearing all of it… I don’t like loud music and prefer quiet anyway.

I work alone at home and am rarely in the situations where I need the hearing that I once had… but after the disgnosis I went to the audiologist who told me I needed Resound Pulses for $4,000. OUCH. I talked him down to $3,400 and got a set and he programmed them according to the diagnostic report. I don’t talk on the phone much, nor attend meetings or conferences… nor do I have children or an active social life.

I found that they improved my hearing mildly. But they were a nuissance to wear, put in and take off, and uncomfortable inside the ear canal. I also did not find they improved my hearing in background noise, but I had few opportunities to really test them. Perhaps I don’t really need them. Is it so inconvenenient to ask someone to repeat what they said? Answer - NO.

Also one fell out of my ear and I lost it. I never even felt it or heard the difference. So how much of an improvement was that? And who wants to worry about the things falling off so easily? Not me. Bad design I would say! And one fell out after the audiologist had fit and adjusted them!

They are not worth the money and I am returning “them” and going without. It will be an expensive lesson.

If I do decide to get aids… I will buy from the internet at half the price.