Re-Casing Phonak Virto ITE, what companies do you folks recommend?

Hello Folks, First post here in this new Forum. Some of you may remember me from the old one.

Well here goes…
I have chosen to buy a like new pair of Phonak Virto Q90 ITE HAs from a person, but that is the easy part. I wish these as a nice decent spare pair to have just in case something happens to my Virto V90’s which I currently wear and have recently just came back from Phonak as one died, and the other’s battery door was getting cruddy…

I’m of course going to have to have them re-cased, so will no doubt have to seek out a new local vendor for 2 new impressions, and then send them off for the service.
(I am aware that I’ll also be needing them re-programmed as well, and there’s going to be some good costs spent there because as well most vendors by state law will not accept a Hearing Test Graph that’s older than 6 months old.)

I know already that Phonak will not re-case these, as I am not the original owner.

So, does anyone know who will be up to the task of properly re-casing these, and be up to the quality of Phonak’s standards?

I’d like retaining the Ceru-Stop user replaceable wax guards that these HAs commonly use as well.

Thank you for your help.

I believe Phonak will re-case them. If not, I know that Starkey will. I believe that they will charge a fee similar to a loss and damage fee. Do you know when the devices that you bought were purchased and the warranty dates? Any audiologist should be up to the task and should be able to find out all of your options. I hope this gets taken care of! :ear:

Thank you for your reply. I spoke shortly to my previous audi in New Mexico and she stated most definitely that Phonak would not in any way re-case, or touch these HAs that I bought from another person used. From the serialization, they know of course who these were originally sold to through their authorized network. I can of course ask this end in my new state of residence but fear there won’t be any good news.

I think this audi also once told me a few years back in regards to Starkey, that yes, they will repair other brand HAs. I had inquired once about getting my older Phonak Claro HAs repaired with new faceplates, re-cased, etc, and she said I believe a $350 flat rate charge per HA. Not inexpensive for sure.

The seller stated they were her mothers, and that she had a profound loss, and from some past experience and memory know that there were different power levels that could be gotten for this specific model. I think there were 3 or 4 output levels that could be gotten, Standard, P, SP, and UP. Not 100% sure on the Q Model though.

I’m not so much worried about the re-casing of these aids, and although it might take a number of tries back and forth with a 3rd party repair facility, what worries me more is the power output as I do have quite severe-profound hearing loss. That if the power level of these HAs aren’t up to the task with power output, I am unsure that a 3rd party can then replace Amplifiers to attain the desired power level I may then need?

The one 3rd Party business I did then choose for my repair and re-case of the Phonak Claro I have was I believe HearingAid Direct, ot some name like that. The re-casing I recently learned would be a $249 Charge per HA, up from once being $199/ea.

Again as I say, the power level type-output will be a bigger concern. I’m sure any Phonak Dealer, once contacting Phonak, and with Serial #'s in hand should be able to find out any/all information about these for me when I go for new impressions to be made.

I’m sorry for the long read, and will post more when I learn some more. Again, thank you very much for your help!

I should have mentioned also, that the current HAs I wear, Phonak Virto V-90 ITC 312 have the highest UP Power Output. Also have wireless Telecoil, and all other bells-whistles with this particular model.

Their power output was said to be all I could go with in this particular “smallish” ITE model, that any lower power output would not be suitable for myself.

There was a decent upper margin of output attainable-available with these Virto V-90 should ever need such.

Have you tried

I know that providers here have recased aids for their clients. I believe they can order the cases at a minor cost.

Thank you Ken for your help! I remember hearing about Lloyd in the past but forgot about them, and the more options I can explore with this matter, the better.

One aspect I have overlooked, and might be doable, is when I go in for new impressions to a local audi here in my area, they may be willing to hook these up to their Phonak programming software and then can tell much more info about this specific pair of HAs I have?

I know all settings can then be accessed, but unsure what, if any other pertinent info may be found, as such as the Power Level of this particular pair?

I know Vendors have to abide by state laws, and that most will not use any audiogram older than 6 months.

I’m sure for any specific “job” I ask a local audi to do for me, there will be a specific “charge” out of pocket.

  1. Hearing Test
  2. Impressions
  3. Examination of the HAs and hook up to find out more info about them before anything is done to them
  4. Re-Casing
  5. New Programming, and linking the PilotOne Remote.

There will be good money spent in total if all can be done successfully.
But I am aware as well that there can be a substantial savings should I succeed, versus what a brand new pair would be costing me.

I suspect a total new price of anywhere between $5,000 and $7,000 for this Virto Q-90 ITC 312 Model.

Costco has Phonak for $2600.

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Hello Ken,
Yes I realize from many past threads-posts in the older forum that Costco did.

Also remember that they weren’t the identical models sold through their dealer network, and also often lacked many of the features.

The company I went through for my Virto V90 ITC 312 Models are now called Ideal Hearing Aids. And here they sent me to the business I was dealing with locally for impressions and then further programming visits included in the price.

While I saved a substantial amount of money compared to just walking into a brick-mortar facility solely, these pair of hearing aids cost $5100.00.

I suspect walking in without the assistance of this company I mention that I purchased through, the cost would’ve been $6500-$7000…

Actually, there aren’t much differences feature wise. Tinnitus is missing along with remote programming in the models that support it. Those aren’t very important features and those that say otherwise are misinformed.

It great you found a discount. The market is changing quite a bit with online sellers so always be sure to shop around and see what’s available at the time you plan replacement.

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I had gotten a reply from a local Phonak Vendor in my area, and the prices sound beyond steep IMO.

They claimed they are per their serial numbers (Virto Q90 312) are 4 years old.
Sold to a Vet by the VA. (Not sure if that makes a difference, but just their history I suppose)

I was quoted a “remake” price of $650/Aid from Starkey, and $450/Aid from Prarie Labs. (both with 1 yr warrantee) When they say “Remake”, I’m going to assume what was meant was “Re-Case”. I personally wasn’t aware Starkey was THAT expensive for such?

I have the serial #'s in case there are professionals here that could further confirm their power level, which they claimed was the “P” Power Level with 50db of Gain, and 118db of Output. (This almost sounded like the very lowest “M” Power Level to me, with myself checking Phonak’s Site, and looking at the various Power Levels available for this model on the PDF Spec Sheet.)

(Again for reference, the professional did state it was the “P” Output, which again still would be inadequate for myself and my profound loss.)

The local company appeared to be “quite accommodating”, but for such accommodation apparently comes a hefty cost. And that I can initiate many of these procedural steps from start to finish by myself no doubt and save some serious money. (Such as seeking Lloyds, or other 3rd Party Labs myself, etc)

The most important aspect that worries me is Power Output. That it appears these will be inadequate unless the power output Amplifier is changed to be the most powerful UP model (like my current Virto Q90 312 HAs are) Otherwise, perfect fit and cosmetic appearance, no matter how nicely done upon re-casing will not make up for lack of Output Power.

With that being said, I honestly don’t know how much influence an Amplifier in the Circuitry plays with this model, if such will mimick the same module precisely that Phonak would install, and if such will then be compatible with Phonak’s programming features and software?

I think today, I’ll definitely be calling Lloyds and perhaps others to learn more of what my options are, and ultimately what can be accomplished.

I know so far, another vendor here will charge $44/Ear for Impressions to be made, that will at least be a start.