Rate Resound Air

I am just beginnig to use a hearing aid and the first one I am trying is Resound Air. How does it compare to others Brands for quality, price,and repairs?

The Resound Air’s are very good products. In fact, Resound has been in the open fitting hearing aid field the longest of all the major manufacturers, which means they have a very good track record.

Yet, their technology has fallen behind slightly, which means that there are other instruments out there that can perform better, yet do not have the track record your instruments now have.

I would have to say that if you have them and like them, then you should keep using them. If you feel you are not hearing as well as you would like or need certain features to work a little better for you, then you should try something else.

Please let us know how it goes!

So far, I have tried the Resound Air, Phonak Mini Valeo and Sonic Innovations Ion, all of which are open fitting hearing aids.

All of them were very good, but I settled on the Sonic Innovations Ion as I felt it was the most comfortable and I could hear a little better than the others in restaurants and other noisy places.

I also liked that the Ion was the smallest of all of them.

But I have to say the Resound Air also is a very good instrument and I could hear very well with them and they were comfortable.

Hope this helps you out.

I think the Resound Air is a great product and if you like the way it sound and fits in your ear, stick with it.

If you feel you need to look at alternative models, I like to use the Phonak Micro Eleva and the Sonic Innovations Ion models, which are both a little smaller than the Resound Air and have a few more features.

Let us know about your progress and feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help each other out.

I tried it for several days and wasn’t completely satisfied so i’m going with the Siemen Centra to see how it works. Thanks for your input.

The Centra is a good option also.

Let us know how they work out for you.

Again, remember that no hearing aid can restore your hearing 100%, but some do perform better than others, so keep trying and don’t give up!!!