Ranking of Hearing Aid Manufacturers


Does anyone know which manufacturers are in the top 3 in the United States?

I am looking for information on this from a credible source, and I cannot seem to find anything on who is the “true Industry leader”. Or leader(s) for that matter.



Ranking according to sales volume ? Customer satisfaction ? Technical innovation ?

I’ll take a guess at the top 3 for sales in the U.S. :

1 - Starkey Labs
2- Oticon/Bernafon (owned by same company)
3 - Phonak/Unitron (owned by same company)

I could be wrong but Siemens might be #2

market share in measured in terms of units sold. Starkey had been steadily loosing market share. I doubt they are top 5 even in the US. I would say, Sonova , siemens and william demant.

this are the top dogs

I was thinking ranking by market share, which factors sales into it.

I was always TOLD that Starkey had the largest market share in the USA… something like 25%. (that includes all of their subsidiaries: Audibel, Microtech, Nu-Ear).

I didn’t know how the others really ranked with that said.

My guess was also:


World wide it’s Siemens, Phonak, and I don’t know. Yes? Ed

there is a very tight raise between siemens group 23%, phonak group 22 and wlliam demand 21 or something like

i thinking also that top 3 manufacture are in US that
and also thinking by sales of company should be high.


Thanks. Still open for others’ opinions… :slight_smile:

One thing I would like to add to this post :

In my experience with manufacturers (a total of nine) I have not seen an “industry leader” that can build the best hearing aid for every type of hearing loss and to satisfy all wearers. I would hope an Audi or HIS can give an informed opinion and recommend a specific manufacturer based on a wearer’s hearing loss, dexterity, comfort level with technology, and budget, etc, etc… The “industry leader” for this individual will be the manufacturer for them that fulfills all of these needs.

Is it to research an instrument / manufacturer for yourself or someone you know ?


Fair assessment!

This is research for myself.

I was curious to know how the manufacturers stacked up against eachother in terms of units sold on a yearly basis.

It seems to me that the man. do have units to cover all types of hearing loss, but whether or not a fitter chooses to fit a single man. for all types of loss/people is… well… up to the fitter.

Recently I was told (by someone who fits hearing aids) that ReSound has been up for sale for a long time, and that Siemens wants to get out (as hearing aids are a fraction of what they sell in their product portfolio).

I chalk up most things to hearsay in this way, but I have always found the person who told me to be reputable… it got me thinking a bit.

Resound has been up far sale for ages - Correct ---- In fact they were to be bought by Phonak but the deal was blocked by german anti trust regulatory authority - This was back last year (2008)

Siemens are looking to divest thge hearing aid division - correct - They are looking for a buyer either another company or private equity …

Both companies have lost massive global market share over the last three years - Siemens were number 1 — now its Phonak/Sonova with William Demant a close second ------- These two are the dominant playes for the next decade in my opinion … Both are breaking new ground in terms of technology and they have pretty slick marketing

William Demant represents which company?

Oticon, Benrafon and now also a BAHA company (not sure what the name is though).

oticon medical,
phonic ear, logia
interacoustics, maico and
they bought amplifon and GSI

they will rule the equipment soon

It will most likely been an outside player, I do not think siemens will be willing to sell
its brandname - I think this will be the tricky part

Of course they wont be willing to sell the brand name — they may allow its use for a transitional period but I would reckon this would be a very short time…

Their strength remains only in the brand name - the products are poor when compared to nearest rivals …thats why they have lost so much market share and why the valuation is MUCH lower than it was three years ago…

Will have to wait and see what happens …

in light of sonova acquiring advance bionics (yes cochlear- you now will have fearce competition). Do you think it is likely cochlear would buy either GN or the Siemens?

they do have the money to do this…

Forgot about Demants equipment :slight_smile:

The US market share is tracked by HIA and has been correctly reported in this thread. Global market share is not easily tracked and based on much speculation. A strong presence in the NHS and Australian government contracts kept Siemens global marketshare high for a number of years, as those contract shares transition to new companies this will change.

NHS is the #1 buyer of Hearing aids in the word, Im correct right???