Quickly reconnect to streamed audio, and temporarily disable auto-connect

On my Phonak Paradise aids I can long-press the volume up button on the aids to disconnect from a streamed audio signal. This is handy for instance if I step away from my computer without disconnecting and start getting notification pings, or if I just want to silence it momentarily. I found it is possible to reconnect to the streamed signal by cycling through all of my manual programs, but this is super slow. Does anyone know if there’s a faster way to do this besides deleting manual programs? On the Compilot I used before these aids it was possible to disconnect with one press of the main button and reconnect with another press, though this didn’t always work. I had a look in Target but it seems like the ability to customize the behavior of the buttons on the aids is much more limited than I thought. It wouldn’t be so bad if switching programs was done with a short press instead of a long press.

On a similar note, is it possible to set up a manual program where it doesn’t auto-connect to bluetooth? I know there are different settings besides automatic but I’m not sure it can be made program-specific. I could put the aids in airplane mode but that means taking them out and popping the battery door.

I find when I’m on Teams, holding the button up will disconnect and hang up my Teams. I made that mistake.

I also find I can’t reconnect via my hearing aids by any means. This is with everything including my phone.

Don’t think there’s a quicker way for you to reconnect tho.

I don’t use Teams but it sounds like your aids are connected via HFP (hands-free profile) if pressing the button causes it to hang up. This profile gets used for phone calls or if you set an application to use the hearing aid as a microphone input. If using A2DP pressing the button will kick them out of the streaming program.