Quick questions about hearing aids in daily life


Hi there! We are a group of engineering students from the University of Toronto, looking for feedback about issues in the daily life of wearing bone anchored hearing systems. We’d really appreciate a few minutes of your time and any feedback from your community in helping us understand this better. The questionnaire is anonymous and we are not collecting any personal information. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. :smile: Thank you for any help you can provide!


EDIT: Thanks to anyone who has replied! We have decided on a potential design and would love to get some feedback on infection issues. If you have any experiences to share please comment on our follow up post!


Infection in BAHAs

You are welcome in advance.



Click on the previous posts edit count in the upper right corner for context.

Huh?! Whadyaknow. I had never thought that was a problem to be perceived that way. Sure it’s a tad literal but interesting.

Thanks in the present.



:laughing: good one.

I’m an a huge android phone forum with over 9 million users world wide. I’ve earned the label “Recognized Contributor” there because of years helping others. It has gotten to the point where 90% of the posts end that way, and often posters come back angry because no one answered their question quickly enough. So yeah, I’m a bit touchy on that phrase. :smiling_imp:



Hi! Sorry about that didn’t mean to imply anything. I’ll definitely make note of it for the future and edit the message.



It’s funny though. I think it shows the inclination to be grateful. A form of politeness understanding that the reader has other things to do. Rather than just blank nothingness implying ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!
And then of course to properly thank someone when something is actually provided.



Thank you. I was being too harsh on a personal pet peeve. I apologize and will edit the post.

It is odd though to have three surveys in two days when I have been on this forum about six months now and never seen one, And I only wear RIC aids, so I have nothing for your survey.



is there a survey for soft/head band BAHA users for those who don’t want implants?



Sorry! No unfortunately, the survey is targeted towards users with implants. The design we are considering involves an antibacterial modification on to the surface of the abutment.

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Thanks luckyszed. :slight_smile: