Quick question about the tubes on open fit mini BTEs

I just replaced the tubes on my open fit mini BTEs (Resound Azures) and the sound quality really improved. The tubes were only a couple of months old and they didn’t look too bad. Has anyone else noticed this to be the case? I think the plastic gets soft after a while and there is a tendency for the tube to pinch a bit. Maybe it also gets some kind of residue coating the inside of the tube from the moisture in your ear, etc.

This makes me wonder if I should change the tubes more often.

How often should I be replacing the tubes?


Hi Jordan

This may be a silly question, but how often do you clean them? When I got my new aids, I received a very thin strand of plastic that will snake completely through the tube, once it’s removed from the HA body. I just recently noticed that my left ear didn’t seem to have as much volume as it used to. I cleaned both tubes, and the volume came back. I suspect there was some wax partially blocking the tube. Any chance that’s what happened to you? Just a thought.



My first guess would be moisture in the tube. Do you use a drying kit? If not, I recommend that and see if that helps extend the time between tube changes.

The tubes can get pinched over time, which may be due to the method you use to insert and remove the aids. Try looking in the mirror while you are putting them on to see if that is the case.

it is quite easy to change the thin tubing,…

I do clean the tubes with the black plastic strand that came with the hearing aids. My only comment is that the black plastic thing is smaller than the inside diameter of the tube and I’m not sure it does that good a job completely wiping the entire inside surface of the tube.

I don’t currently use a dry kit because I didn’t think it was necessary with a mini BTE. The aid sits on the outside of the ear and isn’t subjected to the same amounts of moisture as a CIC, etc.

I think whats happening is that a very fine layer of wax/moisture is probably forming on the inside of the tube and over time it changes the sound conducting qualities of the tube.

Xbulder is probably right, its so easy to change the tubes and the tubes are kinda cheap…so maybe changing them every month or so isn’t a big deal.


True, you can easily change the tubes.

I do recommend dri-aid kits even for the mini BTEs, as they do still get some moisture (not as much from being in the ear, but they do get it from perspiration behind the ear).