Quick question about dome types or moulds


I have Phonak CROS 2 in one ear and and Phonak nathos auto m in my other ear and currently have a open fit dome I recently had some issues with not being able to hear certain sounds very clearly and they made some adjustments which have made the clarity of sounds much better my only problem now is that I am getting times when I might get a ringing in my ear which is caused by something loud like a blender going or a police car siren (as my ears are sensitive to sudden loud sounds) that i can then hear over the sound that is coming in through the hearing aid and i find it very irritating as it makes it confusing for me because I may not know straight away unless I take the hearing aids out that the ringing sound I’m hearing is coming from my ear so what I am wondering is will a different type of dome or a mould help with this and if so what options are out there and if not what can I do to help me not hear the ringing sound when it happens over the sound that is coming in the hearing aid



For anyone that can help, the Nathos Auto is based on the V70 range of hearing aids.



Thank you for giving that extra information zebras. Really hope someone can help with an answer to this as i’m finding it very annoying when what I described above happens as i feel confused wondering what the extra sound is until I take the hearing aids out and release it’s coming from my own ear and it kind of spoils the enjoyment i get from the hearing aid and I don’t want to feel like that as apart from this problem i really do enjoying being able to hear all the sounds I’ve missed for awhile like bird song etc



This ringing appeared before or after the adjustments?



It was there before it’s not around all the time it’s something that is set off by loud sounds that happen suddenly without warning or without me being aware it’s about to happen like someone switching on a blender in the same room as me or if I’m out a police car going pass with it’s sirens going i mentioned it at my appointment and they made adjustments which they thought would help but so far I’m not getting any difference with that but they have improved the clarity of speech in noisy environments.



I think there can be two issues with respect to click domes or molds. One is the size of the vent and the other is the fit in your ear.

You can get feedback through the vent, especially with an open dome style. Based on my own experience when you get a loud sound at a frequency that is sensitive to feedback, you end up with a screeching sound on top of the loud sound. It lasts as long as the loud frequency lasts, and then stops. I would not describe it as a ringing sound though.

The other issue is the fit in the ear. If the dome moves around or does not fit tight, you can get feedback through the bypass leakage. That feedback in my experience is very short, and tends to be more like the chrip of a smoke alarm signalling the battery needs to be replaced. It happen more often when you are eating and the movement of the jaw cause the leakage.

I have not experienced it, but I believe some have feedback that lasts longer. That seems to be when the gain of the HA gets turned up too high, Once the feedback starts it does not end until you turn the HA off or adjust it.



I assume you’re with the NHS. Your audiogram suggests you have a challenging loss and one of the pros on here may be able to help. I know the clinics are busy but they do try hard in Doncaster so I would persevere with them. You may benefit from a custom mold which takes about a month to process.



When you remove the aid does your EAR ring - as in tinnitus? Or do you think the siren sound is more like the screech of feedback? If it’s the latter, a better-fitting mold is definitely the way to go. Custom molds would fit the best.

I’m no tech expert, but could there be some interference either with how the aids are communicating with each other or to some other device in your surrounding that’s triggering the loud noise?

Example: Way back in the day, with my first pair of Starkeys, the engine in my car would actually vibrate LOUD through the aids - even as I manual-shifted the gears. I got the aids serviced cuz there was probably some defect in the chip-set or component inside the aids.



Hi 1Bluejay the ringing starts with a sudden outside sound that makes a ringing sound in my ear and sometimes cause me some discomfort and it will be there for say a few seconds after taking my hearing aid out but then goes away. I’m going to pop along to my hearing aid providers drop in clinic next week and tell them what’s happening and see what they say. Thank you to all the others for your advice. If anyone has anything else to say as well that i can ask about when i go in to the drop in so as to have somethings to mention prepared.



It sounds like it is probably feedback. It could be as simple as a gain adjustment. If it is the vent, then the important thing to decide is whether it is the size of the vent (which is quite possible if you are using open vents), or the fit of the fitting, or if it is the design. You could go to closed domes, or double domes, or a custom mold fitting. There may also be open vents with smaller openings.



Bluetooth is the very best for hearing TV-Phone- I would not hear anything if I only relied on HA



^^^ Ditto times ten! I am always EVER so grateful for my stereophonic streaming when on the phone with ANY kind of call center support. Doesn’t matter if the person mumbles, has a SUPER strong accent, or - as in a recent experience with Amazon - is at a virtual HOOTENANY of a party going on in the background (yes, true story!). I can hear every single word streaming into both ears.

It could be my own jaded imagination, but I sometimes think that ability to HEAR ALL bugs the person on the other end. Try calling to figure out an insurance claim or complain about a tech product. You get folks who seem to hurl words at you and figure you’ll be too shy to fire back any questions to pin them down. Yeah … THAT.



Thanks for all the information I don’t use Bluetooth as i find the Bluetooth drains the battery on my other devices very quickly. I’m going to go to my drop in clinic on Monday and tell them my issue and tell them i’m now otherwise happy with the sound of the hearing aids so really want to try a different type of dome or mould and see if that helps



Wasn’t sure if by “other devices” you meant other pairs of hearing aids … but yes, Bluetooth can drain a hearing aid’s batteries faster than not using that feature. As an example, I stream TV shows/movies about 2 hrs per night. I may stream a phone call or two during the day, and occasionally some audio on my laptop. My size 13 batteries last a full 5 days with that kind of streaming + normal use. For that many days of use, I definitely feel Bluetooth is an advantage that I’ll continue to use. Even if it cut my battery life in HALF, my quality of life is improved by more than DOUBLE. So I justify it. :slight_smile:



Bluejay sorry wasn’t very clear what i meant by other devices is my phone / iPad if i have things connected for long periods of time like my hearing aids the battery on my phone or iPad will be almost dead within a few hours.

Finally got around to going to the drop in clinic today told them what the issue was and they changed my open fit dome on my right ear for a closed dome as for the left ear they left it with the open fit dome as that is is dead and felt it wouldn’t make any difference to change that one as well and told me if I have any further issues with the hearing aid rather than go to the drop in phone to make an appointment



When you switch from an open dome to a closed dome you really should have the fitting setup done over and the Real Ear Measurement done over as well. The fitting type changes the response of the HA in your ear due to blockage of the ear canal.



She did make some changes when she gave me the new dome and ran the feedback manger and all seems ok at the min but she did say if there’s any other problems to phone and make an appointment to get it sorted