Quick poll: Importance of hearing aid dimensions like build quality

Personally, I think that’s normal. New users will be more self conscious, as they will feel everyone can see them, and judge them. I’ve found, over the years, that no-one really notices them. Added to that, these days, loads of people walk around with things stuck in their ears :slight_smile:


I preferred the Oticon Xceed SP over the Xceed UP because of their size. The difference in gain is only 1 decibel, but the difference in size is noticeable. When I have huge hearing aids, I feel like everyone is looking at them. Even if this is not the case, the feeling is unpleasant.


Sound quality on live music: I suggest that HA chip designers read up on the control of dynamics for broadcast transmission. BBC Engineering did lots of inspired work in the 70s, as did Bob Orban of Optimod - and to this day the mighty Marshall Chasin. Be sure to maintain low end down to 40, even if clinicians still don’t venture there unless asked.
Then… invite audiophiles to audition the prototype results with live orchestra as well as high-end hi-fi speakers.
Unfortunately, BlueTooth is softening up designers and listeners to accept often gruesome results on complex sound.
Fussy? Me? Yes, I used to be a sound recordist - at the BBC - and while my now ancient ears miss details at the top end they still appreciate it when much-loved music sounds (almost) right.

Hi all, I’m looking at potentially doing another version of this survey which is more like a forced choice / constant sum survey to really tease apart preferences. Please tell me if something like this would make sense to you: https://codepen.io/abrambailey/full/BaeNNJM

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This slider system remind me of a woman who went to a market to buy some clothes, she was haggling with the seller (not Peter) to let her buy some clothes for a good price, she said:

Every time you lower the pants, you lift the tops!!!



I actually replaced the link… I like the new version better. Give it a try…


Much better

Trying to get 20 characters.

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I like the new format. I imagine that most folks will have an all or nothing response to most of the questions
my 2 cents

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Thanks guys. My approach with this one is to give people 500 “chips” to place in 10 buckets where each bucket is max 100 (total 1000). That way I’m able to get a better idea of how much they really value say value over comfort for example. The survey I ran before, we saw a lot of people rating everything as very important and this makes it impossible to tell where the respondent would make compromises when forced to (and in reality there’s no perfect hearing aid).


For me, directional mic controls in a phone app is the most important. I need the speech I’m trying to understand to be 8 db above background speech.

Just wondering if you do the “5 minute” battery rule. That can add a couple of days to your battery life. I averaged around eight days with 13 batteries. I stream a lot and I have moderate to severe hearing loss.
For anyone who is unfamiliar with the rule. You just take off the sticker from the battery and let it air for 5 minutes.
FYI My audiologist informed me that the “5 minute rule” that extends battery life was discovered by a kid who was doing a school experiment in order to extend the life of his grandfather’s hearing aid batteries.

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I wish more places used t-coil. However I think Bluetooth will eventually replace the t-coil connections. You will just need to download the app that the theatre uses.

You could instead have people order what is most important to least important. This is a different scale, but it may give you the information you want. You may also have to have two separate scales, one for the battery users and one for the charger users. It depends on what information you are attempting to acquire…

OK, I did it. Good questions!

sound performance - overall
sound performance - music
Music is my safe harbor - after the difference between my current pair & previous - I would not even consider a pair where I was not 100% happy with music reproduction both ambient & bluetooth

BTW, if you want to specifically look at sound performance more granularly, check our HearAdvisor.com

From: Lexie B2 Expert Review

Unfortunately HearingAdvisor.com did not test music profiles with the same domes for each hearing aid tested. This is well known to be a discriminating factor in improving music for HAs :musical_note:.

I just feel this is an important caveat that should be mentioned. It is an important site however.

My hair doesn’t hide mine very well, so I prefer the boring beige (skin color). I’m female, if that explains it.

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I’ve only heard of the 1-minute rule. That’s what I do…

“One-minute rule” not long enough? My Size 13 aids last 10-11 days, with 16 hours of use daily, some streaming.