Questions to ask Audiologist about Echo in speech

I wear Phonak Audeo B90, new as of March 2019.
My Audiologist has taken them in for opening the vent and said it may or may not work. It has only worked to relieve my voice from echoing, but when anyone talks the echo is so loud I don’t hear what they are saying.

What questions should I ask to relieve this problem? He has programed them normal way, Melody, speech in noise and calm. If I use the last two for echo then the volume is too low. I have told him several times of this problem and he said he can only do what software he has in hand and it’s my hearing. He works for a hospital hearing aid office.

I do wear a CROS in one ear, but don’t think that that makes a difference or does it?

Any suggestions as to what else I can ask him to do? My appointment is coming up in a week.

Have you noticed this echo problem in certain environments and not in others?

You mention CROS…does it happen when you just have the aid in your hearing ear?

Well, in all environments, especially out in public, banks, Costco, restaurants, anywhere out. And occurs in my house with company, so anywhere.

I will have to try that, thank you.

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Well, using only one hearing aid didn’t help.

Could it be the programming?