Questions Regarding Oticon Streamer

I have an Oticon Streamer for over six years and have been very pleased with the performance.

  1. When I received my last pair of hearing aids, the sound quality was not as good with my Streamer as my old pair of hearing aids (which I originally got the Streamer with). In fact, I use my old pair of aids when I watch TV. My new aids are smaller. Could this be the problem?

  2. I got a new TV with Bluetooth enabled last Fall. At first I had no problems connecting but lately I have to “fiddle” with connecting and reconnecting for a few minutes. Can this be b/c the Streamer is getting old?

Hi, I use to use the streamer with Bluetooth connection direct to the tv. This proved incredibly frustrating for me as the delay kept changing, and frequently the connection got lost. I bought the dedicated Tv 2.0 device, and have to say it is worth the money. Connection is rock solid, and if connected via the headphone output of the tv then the sound is precisely matched with the tv speakers.

In terms of sound quality, bass and treble can be changed for streaming by your audiologist in the Genie 2 software.

Hi, Thanks for your response! I’m so glad you answered. I was going to make an audiologist appointment tomorrow! I’ve also been frustrated with the Streamer, though I thought it might be because it’s old (6+ years). I don’t have a delay but am having to make several attempts to connect, usually deleting the Streamer and re-pairing and connecting. I also occasionally lose connection and have to start all over again.

So I’m VERY interested in this Tv 2.0 device but don’t know a thing about it. Is it an Oticon product? Is it wired or wireless? Is it a headphone? Or could you send me a link to information? I googled Tv 2.0 and got all kinds of hits from different products.

You can buy it from the link below - expensive but I think worth it as I use mine every day. Just a shame it’s mono only. Good luck!

I apologize if you get this twice. I automatically hit reply in my email and then noticed it was a “no reply” address.

When I looked at the PDF on the product, it showed connect with components. My TV only has HDMI option. Will it work with that?

I’m going to make an appointment with my audiologist but want as much info ahead of time so I can ask intelligent questions.

Hi - it doesn’t have an HDMI input (I think a TV HDMI is input only anyway), but can connect via an Optical cable if your TV has that. I actually use the headphone jack & got cable from Amazon that has a 3.5mm jack to phono sockets. That way the audio is perfectly aligned with the tv speakers output (no echo if you get sound from both).

HI, Sorry to be a pest. I’m not real techy with hardware. Is this what you mean that the adapter can connect to?audioout

Also, would this be as good as the 3.5mm jack to phono sockets? I don’t see a headphone jack on my TV…

Hi, yes, that’s it. The unit comes with a cable to fit into this socket. This is a digital connection, so should be perfect…not that I use that myself. I did spot a unit on eBay if you want to try your luck saving some cash…

Hi, I tried out using an optical cable, and works perfectly, ie perfectly in synch with the sound from the speakers…good luck if you go for it…

If you are already using fiber (TOS) to link to a speaker system, you can buy a splitter on Amazon that will feed two outputs. Worked well for me.