Questions on Dot 20's

I have recently been fitted with Resound Dot 20’s. When the tech began programming the HA, one of the hearing aids has a hiss coming through the earpiece. The tech said that it is “circut board” noice. Is that something that should be happening? Is there something wrong with the HA?

Depends. Were you fit with 2 aids? Did you hear the noise with the other aid or just one? What is your hearing loss?

dr. amy

You could have a very sensitive zone in your audiogram which detects standard circuit noise.

Or Expansion has been accidentally disabled in the software.

Or the microphone and/or its integrated amplifier transistor have developed a problem.

Or … who knows?

Two aids. Can’t hear it in the left which is more of the problematic ear. High frequency loss in both ears. I don’t have my numbers for the audiogram.