Questions on Costco 8.0


You asked for a picture. On the left is one of my Phonak HA’s from 6 years ago, and on the right is one of my KS8’s I bought from Costco a few months back. I love these KS8’s for a host of reasons. The most important for me is the connectivity with the iPhone. It opens up all sorts of amazing possibilities.


I have the KS8s and cannot hear a thing on my landline phone. I hear fine with my CIC hearing aid but the KS8, no matter where you place the landline receiver is impossible to hear. I have a regular landline phone in the house. Of course, I could put the phone on speaker but I am concerned that if I am at a hotel or another person’s home or even an emergency situation anywhere else where there is only a landline phone that wearing my KS8 RIC would be worthless. Maybe someone knows something I don’t? If so, please respond.


You might try having the “XPhone” feature activated. It’s also known as “Cross Talk” or “Cross Phone” I think. This choice allows you to link both HA’s together, with the input to the right HA being streamed to the left HA. (The program also allows the reverse setup - left-to-right).

In my office I often must use the landline phone for incoming calls, so I lose the streaming ability provided by the iPhone. The “XPhone” feature enables me to hold the phone to my right ear and hear conversations in both HA’s in the same manner as when using the iPhone. All I need to do is make the choice in the app or just click the rocker switch on my left HA.


Thank you so much for the information. I really appreciate your help. Not sure why the audi didn’t think to mention this to me. Is this something the Costco audi sets up? I looked on my Iphone Smart Direct and couldn’t find anything called Xphone or Cross Talk or Cross Phone?


It shows as “Xphone” in the program. My audi didn’t know about it either (or at least didn’t mention it at first). I assume they have lots of program options and must have a standard setup that they use at the beginning with new users. I can’t remember how I discovered it, but I think it’s in the user manual. I found it while trying to figure out how to duplicate a similar feature I had on my old Phonaks equipped with telecoils (and a magnet stuck to my landline phone to activate them). This feature is just as effective and you don’t need a magnet.

Here’s a picture of my app screen. Notice that the XPhone selection is at the bottom of the list. That makes it easy to access by simply pressing the “down” rocker switch on the HA. Then going back to Automatic mode just requires a single press of the “up” rocker switch. This “toggle” arrangement allows me to switch back and forth without going through the app or counting beeps.

When using XPhone, you have to hold the earpiece of the phone high up on the ear, because you want the sound to be aimed into the HA receiver (not directly into your ear). That’s a little awkward at first, but once you experiment with it you’ll find it easier to remember. The sound quality still isn’t as good as sound streamed directly into the HA’s when using the iPhone, but it’s a reasonable trade-off.


Thank you so much. I have six programs on my iphone and xphone is not one of them. I will have to get the audi to activate it and eliminate one of the other ones.


Sorry to keep flogging this idea, but there’s another benefit to the XPhone feature. (I’m assuming here you have the Xphone set up to transmit the sound from the right HA into the left HA. Reverse setup would require reversing everything I’m about to say)

If you’re listening to a radio for example, you can position yourself with the radio to your right, active Xphone, and you’ll hear the sound in both ears. Same for a crowded situation, such as a restaurant or sitting in a meeting. If you can arrange to be seated so that most of the conversation comes from your right, you can activate XPhone and you’ll hear better because the conversation is coming from your right and into both ears amplified. It’s better than Microphone Pattern Adjustment in many situations.


Again, thank you for all your input. I will re-post after the audi activates the X Phone feature. Not sure when that will be as appointments are difficult to get sometimes.


Oh my gosh!!! I wish my Phonak Brio’s came in colors, like red, purple, green, etc. I wouldn even like a little sparkle. So many people are wearing hearing devices. One can’t tell if they are HAs or just ear buds.
I’m not at all hesitant to say…“I’m a little hearing impaired, please speak slowly”. They often look surprised, smile and speak more distinctly.


Got first hearing aids (KS8’s) about 9 months ago.very happy with them, no problems.


I wear the Phonak Brio P-UP and got them re-cased in cooler colours. I didn’t like the colour what my Brio’s came as.



Where do you get them re-cased? You’re across the pond. Through Phonak?
What a good idea.


Google -> images hearing aid jewelry.


I bought my Brio’s off eBay but they were still under warranty so I took them to my local Costco in London and she agreeed to send them off to Phonak for a re case. Didn’t cost me anything. I am extremely grateful to the Costco Audi.


Hi okra, I have the KS6 HAs and they won’t connect to my iPhone 6 without another device such as the phone clip. How do yours connect?

edit on 1/24/19. Just realized I have the KS5.:confused:


The KS6 is designed to connect through bluetooth without any other device. You will need to pair the hearing aids with your iPhone. Go to: iPhone settings>general>accessibility>MFi Hearing Devices. At the top of the menu should be Devices. If the iPhone is listed, hit it. On the next page, scroll down to forget this device.

Once the are either forgotten or not yet connected. You are set to connect. Open the battery doors on the HAs and then re-power them. The HAs should show up under devices. Once they show up, hit connect and then the phone will ask to pair both left and right individually. Accept the pairing. That should be it. Once the HAs are paired you won’t need the phone clip. Obvious point - make sure that the iPhone’s bluetooth is on.


There’s also this good Costco support page:


One of my students has pink sparkly HA’s. :heart:


I visited a physician on Sunday. I quickly grabbed my KS 8 hearing aid as she went to look into my ear.

She stopped and said she had not noticed I was wearing hearing aids. :smiley:


Happens all the time. RIC’s right? When they start putting a new disposable tip on that ear-flashlight it’s time for you to watch out!