Questions on Costco 8.0


I think I’ve been convinced that a behind the ear hearing aid is going to be the best solution for me & if that is the case, then I’m thinking I’ll go with Costco & hope that the ones for $1599 will work for me. Unfortunately, I can’t get into Costco until 11/19. So, I really don’t even have a visual, other than what’s on the internet & since the pictures are enlarged, it’s hard to know how stinking big the thing might be. If I’m reading right, am I going to have 2 choices, to either get one that uses 312 batteries or get one that uses 13 batteries & that has telecoil? Not really sure exactly what telecoil is or how it would benefit me. Is there a difference in price or size? Assuming the 13 batteries are bigger? Does that mean they would last longer? Does anyone have a picture of this hearing aid on their head that they can send a side shot? The audiologist I saw yesterday recommended a Widex Evoke, but I didn’t really expect her to recommend a costco. I’ve weeded through some of the costco reviews. How do these 2 hearing aids compare? I’m just trying to be as well educated as I can before my Costco appointment. I like the idea that the hearing aid could be returned if I really hate it & I’m betting the warranty is better. Does Costco roll out a new model yearly? When do they usually roll out? Do you folks think a first time hearing aid user would be happy with a costco? For what it’s worth, I’m in my 50’s and female & still in the working world. Not crazy about having visible hearing aids, but I realize a hearing deficit is worse. Was really hoping that someone would tell me I would have fabulous results with an invisible hearing aid, but I’m not gathering that at all.


They (KS8s-the $1599 ones) are not very big. Roughly, the 312s are an inch long and the 13s are about 1/4 inch longer. Yes, 13 batteries will last somewhat longer. Rough guess: 3-4 days for the 312s and a week for the 13s. Depends a lot on how much streamin you do. They are not very noticeable. I have an older model (KS7s) and when I first got them, I asked somebody what they thought of my new hearing aids. “What hearing aids?” was the response. I’m a guy with fairly short hair. If you have any hair around your ears, they’re not likely to be noticed.

Costco seems to roll out a new Kirkland model every year and a half. KS8 came out in March of this year, so KS9 is likely in September of 2019. Their non Kirkland models: Phonak, Bernafon, Resound and Rexton are less predictable.

If you really want a hearing aid that just sits in the ear, Rexton makes a neat one, but it’s more expensive and has less features than the KS8.

I think trying out the KS8s is a very reasonable approach. Your experience depends a lot on the audiologist/hearing aid fitter you get, but I think odds are good that you’d be happy. I’m pretty sure they’re a LOT cheaper than the Widex Evokes you mentioned.


I’ve said this before. I could wear grapefruits behind my ears and nobody would care or notice. My experience has been that people notice when you constantly ask them to speak up or repeat themselves, but don’t notice hearing aids.

Having worn both in the ear and behind the ear aids, in the ear are more visible, because there’s a lump of stuff in the canal. Behind the ear, with a well-placed thin wire, is much less noticeable.


I never realized how difficult it is to take an ear selfie! And gosh, now, I’m not sure I can figure out how to post the photos. :slight_smile: I love my Costco KS 8.0’s!




Thank you so much for posting! this is very helpful. Do you like it? What don’t you like about it?


Sorry, I just saw you posted you liked it. Glad to hear it. Is there anything you don’t like about it?


I’m a first time wearer (since July), and I haven’t found anything I don’t like. I absolutely love the seamless integration with my iphone for calls, podcasts, and music. I am not a phone talker, but these make it much more likely for me to answer a call. :slight_smile:

I want to get a second pair (maybe pre-owned) to keep in my car. About once a week, I leave the house without my ears. Not so bad when I realize it while still in the driveway, but sometimes I make it all the way to work and I’m bummed that I will miss out on hearing everything.


Oh I so hope I too will enjoy the same success. Now the worst part seems to be the wait to get into Costco and then an additional wait for the hearing aid. How long after your initial consultation did it take to get the device?


Since your appointment is out a couple weeks, you may want to ask about being on a cancellation list. I remember as soon as I decided it was time to bite the bullet, I wanted an appointment immediately. Of course that didn’t happen, but it was within a week.

I received MY hearing aids exactly one week after hearing test. When I tried the demos on, I thought I would just pay and leave. HaHa. I was disappointed to leave them behind! But I survived that whole week. :blush: Best wishes to you.


They are very small and my experience has been that no one notices or cares.

One quick story from a few years ago and the hearing aids were a little larger.

We were invited to a dinner party and I had just started wearing the behind the ear RIC style. The host told me that she had a friend who was a speech pathologist who would be there and she (the host) had told her about my new hearing aids and some of her clients have hearing aids and she was interested. Well, we get there and are introduced I can tell the lady is looking at my ears and she says, I understand you have new hearing aids, but you decided not to wear them tonight?

I said, oh yes, I’m wearing them. I turn to give her a better view, and I have short hair, and she still can’t see them. Finally she sees the wire and I point out the body behind my ear. This was a person who knew I had them, was trying to see them, and still had trouble.

People just don’t notice. There are so many devices being worn now, it’s just not unusual any more.

I bought a lapel Mic for my Phonak Bluetooth device and wore it every day on my collar for a week and nobody noticed.


I began wearing hearing aids about 4 years ago. I visited a local audiologist but was ultimately fitted at Costco. I didn’t see a big advantage in paying 3x the price for the same product. The Costco exam was every bit as thorough as the audiologist exam. The Costco techs are very professional and know their stuff.

My first aids were the Costco KS6, basically Resound Linx HAs. I wanted these because they work with the iPhone. I was not disappointed. My insurance allows new HAs every 3 years, so I went back to Costco to try newer models. I was willing to pay more for the best, but decided that the KS8 works best for me. The KS8 is a Rexton product. I have been happy with the KS8. I have the 312 battery size. Batteries last around 1 week without heavy streaming. The KS8 also works even better with my iPhone than the KS6. It “catches” the bluetooth signal from Google maps, phone calls, etc quicker. Playing music is ok, but it doesn’t match a good set of earphones with an equalizer app.
A telecoil is a wire loop installed in some churches, auditoriums, and civic meeting areas. A telecoil enabled HA will receive the direct audio from a telecoil. In my part of the country, there are very few places with telecoil installations. I believe that a telecoil enabled HA will be larger. I don’t have the telecoil model and haven’t missed the feature.

Costco should allow you to demo any model they have and let you decide what is working best for you. I demoed 4 different models before deciding on the KS8. You will have to demo in store and it might take more than one appointment to get a real feel for the differences. Costco offers a 2 year replacement warranty (if you lose the HAs or the dogs snacks on them). I think the repair warranty is 3 years. Typically Costco comes out with a new KS model every 1 1/2 years.

I’m 54 and my work requires multiple meetings both large and small. I have substantial high frequency hearing loss. I can’t imagine trying get through work without my HAs. The KS8s automatic program provides good automatic adjustment for most hearing situations. However, I don’t think any HA on the market can make a miracle happen in a situation like a very noisy restaurant, club, or social gathering. The KS6s were ok in this respect, the KS8s seem a little better, but there’s a limit were it just doesn’t help anymore.


Do you ever have to talk on a land line? I’m trying to figure out if I will be able to use a land line in a normal fashion holding it to my ear or with a headphone) with a costco behind the ear hearing aid.


I use open domes. I’m fortunate to not have severe loss. I can hear any phone fine and the thing behind the ear does not interfere at all.


No problem for me…


Thanks for your response. I think my hearing deficiency is similar to yours in that I have pretty significant high frequency loss. My audiologist had me totally confused where the telephone was concerned. I’ve got an appointment at Costco, but can’t get in until 11/19. Trying to do my homework in advance. Does your KS8 have the telecoil in it? I know they make one that uses 312 batteries & no telecoil, or they make one that uses 13 batteries that uses telecoil. Or, can you just talk on a normal landline (assuming it’s not an antique) without a telecoil? I’d prefer the smaller size without the telecoil. I spend a great deal of time on a work phone which is a land line & wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to need additional equipment. I feel like I hear pretty good now without hearing aids on the phone with a headset that has a bit of amplification in it.


Not sure who you were replying to. I have KS7s. They have a telecoil, but I haven’t used it. Ah, the headset. If it covers your ear, it will likely be fine. Depending on how big the headset is, you might want to reposition hearing aids. Might take a little tweaking, but pretty sure you can find satisfactory solution.


No problem using a typical office land line phone and KS8.


My Costco audiologist has years of experience and I’m due for new aids in the near future. Discussing the difference in the KS8 battery options, he recommended staying with the 312s. The aids are smaller and his estimate was that the 312 version might use an extra $5-$6 worth of batteries a year. I would recommend getting in the habit of carrying an extra set.