Questions from a beginner

I have been reading some on this forum and feel like this is the best place for anyone with a hearing issue. I have many questions but would like to start with the basics.
I noticed everyone posts their hearing profile and it looks simple for my left ear: 250Hz 25, 500Hz 20, 1k Hz 20 and so on but how do I express my bad right ear?
I hope my test results show up as an image.

A brief history:
Tried my first Half Shells in 1988 and gave them back after the test period.
Bought a set of Rexton Digital Premium Canal from Costco beginning of 2005, went through a 2 month trial period and put them away until just a month ago while looking at the new aids at Costco and the fitter ask me to bring the old ones back and let here give it another try.
Tomorrow is my third session and frankly I don’t know what to tell here.
I have been wearing them almost consistently, but don’t feel I get much benefit just lots of noise without much gain in understanding people.

In my opinion you will continue to have limited results with the aids you now have no matter how well they are programmed. Note, I’m not saying they won’t help at all but I am saying they are not the right tool for the job.

I suggest you talk to the technician you are working with and ask if you can try an open ear mini BTE programmed for the loss in your left ear. See if that improves your ability to understand speech in noise. Then put your existing right side aid in and leave the open ear aid in the left and see how that works.

If you find that the right ear does contribute to your ability to understand but it is still irritating to wear the existing canal compared to the open ear aid in the left side here is another option.

Get the technician to program an open ear mini BTE for your right ear but to only give you amplification above 1000 Hz as if you heard normally below 1000 Hz. Then try understanding speech in noise as well as determining if wearing a pair of open ear aids is helpful and comfortable enough that you will indeed wear them.

Why not express this with an image as you have already done. Though to not make each post too long, you might put a link into your signature as I have done. Tip = hover on the chain/link icon when you post. It will say insert link. You can highlight some text first, for example “My Audiogram” and then click the Insert Link icon to give the URL address of your image.

Thank you for your replies, I will keep updating my experience.

My Audiogram

I agree, the Rexton aids you have arent really going to help much in noise, I think you woudl benefit from something with more power and more background noise control.

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