Questions about using Marvel single hearing aid

Hello fellow members!
Soon I will have a Marvel 70 312 for my left ear, my right ear is close to deaf(110dB loss), I will have only one aid. My audiologist said some program(binaural voicestream technolgy, speaking in 360°)will not work because of the only one aid, that is okay, what I am curious for, the bluetooth pairing will works well? Example: my phone recognize the bluetooth connection anyway, if I have only one aid?I would like to try out the TV connector device too. I know there is option now for cros aids, but doesnt look too good compare too Marvel. Thanks for the answers!

Simon, from Hungary

Hi Simon95 and welcome to this amazing board! I’m no audiologist, but your question prompted me to take one of my Marvels out of my ear and make a phone call.

VOILA! The call streamed perfectly to the ONE ear in which I’d left the Marvel aid in. During set-up, you should be able to pair just the ONE aid to your phone, then test it out - right in the audiologist’s office, so you don’t leave till it’s working.

DO try the TV Streamer for your Marvel aid. I use one on my laptop and have a second one connected to my TV. Your Marvel should pair up easily to this device, too.

Keep us posted on the outcome. As a Marvel user, I don’t anticipate any problems for you.

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Awesome! Happy to hear that. I will inform for sure and share my experience.


I only have one Marvel 90 HA in my left ear. My right ear doesn’t need an aid. I can receive phone calls hands free and listen to music but of course the sound is only in my left ear. I can hear sounds better in my left ear with the aid than my right ear without the aid. If you can’t hear at all in your right ear, I think that the marvel hearing aid will be great for you. Good luck!

I got my HA aid today, and it works perfectly fine. The whole experience is just on another level! :slight_smile:
Some sound is weird to me, but I think after one week will be fine.


WOW! So happy for you!! Don’t forget to go back in for fine-tuning. I find that I need 2-3 follow-on visits till I get the frequencies feeling right for my hearing.

Now I’ve learned on this amazing board that even the pre-programmed features like Speech in Noise or Speech in LOUD Noise can also be further refined. I’ve enjoyed the results after boosting the gain on just the speech frequency range in both of those features on my Marvel aids.

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I think, I will, but I dont know yet what I should change. Well, it’s my first day, I have some to figure out. What did you changed with audi in ur settings? Just curious. :slight_smile:
Btw. I uploaded my audiogram finally, it was bit difficult for first try :smiley:

Simon95, I just had TWO features changed with my Marvels: 1.) Speech in Noise and 2.) Speech in LOUD Noise.

From what I understand, these two features exist in any/all programs you have on the aids: default, Program 1, 2, etc. Right now I have 4 programs on my aids: default program (upon startup), Program 1 (for loud places, it’s directional), Program 2 (for VERY LOUD places, also directional) and Program 3 (completely OFF).

I have the Speech in Noise and Speech in LOUD Noise features refined further in Program 1 & 2 to really boost the SPEECH frequencies by 4dB, while diminishing the other frequencies a bit (Program 1) and a LOT (Program 2).

Program 2, with its directional mic and GREATLY diminished frequencies - except for SPEECH frequencies! - is what I’d use in a super loud pub/bar/nightclub, etc., Somehow, it seems to put a spotlight on speech (from men or women) and make it easier for me to understand what’s being said.

However, I use Program 1 when shopping at noisy stores (Costco, WholeFoods, etc.,) as that’s good enough to hear the cashier. Now is this program redundant with Program 2? Probably! I am in testing mode to see if I can eliminate one of them.

Looking at your audiogram I’m guessing it’s got to be a challenge to comprehend SPEECH in different settings. The good news is that Marvels (and perhaps other brands of HA) have a wide range of frequencies in each program that you set up which you can BOOST or diminish till you get that “sweet spot” where speech is the easist to comprehend.

When we buy HAs and pick them up with the program set up for us based on our audiogram it’s NEVER perfect. I typically return to my audi several times during the year to have things adjusted. I hope you also have that flexibility to set up the programs you want and alter the frequencies to your preference.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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It definitely helps! I have only one program outside the Autosense, the speech in loud. I am using this program on the street if I am talking with my friends, better but I need some improvement, based on what you wrote I can ask my audi to make programs to different situations(directional, speech focus) :slight_smile:
If I remember well I can have max 3 program on the Marvel 70,right? Sometime I don’t hear well my voice at noisy places, or sounds weak, this is because speech frequencies lower than it should be?
One more thing. Why I can’t use advanced settings on Myphonak app?Example:

I got my HA with the latest update. It only works on modified program or can it be used with the default program too ?

Each program in AutoSense can be tuned. By tuning these programs some find less need for a bunch of manual programs.

I can’t click on that, bottom right.

I am referring to the Target software. Your fitter can do these things.

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I asked again my audi about Marvel 2.0,and she said it will come in October. Guess I have to wait. :wink:

YES! Sit right next to your audi and see if s/he can take a range of speech frequencies and boost the volume 5-8dB for Speech in LOUD Noise. Note that any changes made on this particular feature will apply across-the-board to other programs you use - such as the default (startup) program.

The Marvels will try to figure out which setting is optimum for you every second of the day, and adjust the settings automatically. That’s why the default (startup) program can work for you 90% of the time. Even so, by dedicating a program to Speech in LOUD Noise, you can immediately switch into that program, and the aid will stay there - delivering the best possible combination of factors for optimal hearing.

Of course that requires that YOU manually switch out of that program upon leaving the pub, bar, or noisy place.

Geez! That is cool to have some Marvel softare to fiddle with on the phone. I’m not knowledgeable about that at all.