Questions about RIC ear molds

Hi, I’ve posted these questions before, but I am still wondering about some things. I edited as well to clear up some questions people had.

My ear canals are very small, my right ear canal unusually so. Despite trying many different dome sizes and types (tulip dome, small dome, medium dome, different brands), attempting a retention lock (which unfortunately wouldn’t fit on me ear) and changing the receiver lengths, we can’t find a solution that fit right. In all circumstances my receivers tend to slip out or hurt my ear. Resound unfortunately does not offer half size receivers so that is not an option. For right now my receivers have been heated up a little and molded to try and make them an in between size. Unfortunately I am still having the same problems. The next step would be getting fit with custom molds. I have a pair of Resound Linx Quattro RIC rechargeable aids with a LP receiver. I am hoping to stick with the RIC style unless the fit truest cannot be corrected.

Before I make that change though I have a few questions:

Would the ear molds change the sound? In what ways?
Are there any differences between molds for BTE and RIC aids?
What type would be best for a low and mid range hearing loss? What vent size, style, material, etc.
How much would custom molds cost?
What is the difference between hard and soft domes?
What might the color options be? :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your help

Duplicate of existing thread: Questions about custom earmolds for RIC hearing aids