Questions about RemoteMic and ComPilot II for Phonak Audéo V

I’ve got Phonak Audeo V HAs. I’m an actor and was asking my audi what could help when I’m on set to understand the director better when he’s wearing a mask. He suggested a Remote Mic and he said I would need a Com Pilot 2 to make it work.

So my questions are:
Is that correct that I need both? That doesn’t seem right.
And is there something else that could help w/ this issue instead? I’m thinking putting a mic near or on the director. Thanks!

Until you find out which exact model you have, no one else can know better than your fitter what you need.

Usually you can check the numbers and letters somewhere in the battery area. Use magnifier. Write everything you see here, and then someone might figure it out :slight_smile:

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Since you don’t know what model HA you have, it’s hard to say for sure, but it sounds likely. Assuming your aids do not have the ability to stream bluetooth, you’d need a device that could communicate with your hearing aids (either NFC or telecoil, not sure at the moment) and receive bluetooth from some distance. That’s the Compilot 2. Then you also need the remote microphone to communicate with the Compilot 2. Your audi is most likely right because if you didn’t need the Compilot 2, it wouldn’t work. For example if you had Phonak Marvel or Paradise, Compilot 2 wouldn’t work and you could just use PartnerMic or Roger iN microphones (the later being quite expensive)

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Thanks! They’re Phonak Audeo V

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They’re Phonak Audeo V. I did ask if they had Bluetooth capability and I thought he said they did but said he’d have to check and then sent an email that i’d need both accessories but I guess he didn’t answer whether they did have Bluetooth capability.

I just searched and it looks like they do have bluetooth capability.

Audeo V doesn’t have BT streaming unless you have appropriate compilot device.

OK thanks for clarifying

So now to my 2nd question. Would these be the best solution for my issue not being able to hear that well on set?


How old are these aids?
Audeo V can mean a couple things but if your audiologist has mentioned the Compilot I am betting Audeo V means the Venture platform. That platform of Phonak aids uses the Compilot2.
What size battery do your aids use? There are different size Roger shoes that can be used on your aids pending on exactly which aids you have. Another choice is the Roger X device that attaches to the Compilot2 which then communicates with different Roger devices. It can be complicated but gets much easier.
The remote mic works directly to the Compilot2 which pairs with your aids. This is a very easy to use mic. When used properly it does a pretty good job.

It takes 312 batteries. So if I understood properly I could do something w/ Roger devices but the remote mic and com pilot 2 would be best?


You have choices.
With Roger you have two choices of how to set your aids up. With shoes you do not need the Compilot2 but without the shoes you need to use the Compilot2 with a Roger X device to communicate with your aids.
The remote mic uses the Compilot2 to link with the aids.

All these items are available on eBay for pretty good prices. If your audiologist will let you get these items off eBay it would save you a bunch of money.

Yes thanks. That’s what I understood. Is one better than the other do you think?

@zebras and other members have more experience than I do. I have a pen and remote mics. The pen can be pretty amazing when used as designed. One on one the remote mic works pretty good.
Maybe zebras will put in her opinion.


If your HA’s are more than a couple of years old, would you be better to upgrade your aids as you are struggling to hear? Is your sound recover fully optimised, by that I mean all the letters of speech moved over to be within your audiogram hearing range? Not just activated. Do you have domes or molds on your aids? If you have domes, molds might give you better hearing. If you have a copy of your audiogram could you chart up under your details so we can all see and give you more assistance?

I’m not sure if you saw the issue is hearing the director talking w/ their mask on. They are more than a couple of years old but unfortunately we’re both performers and have had no work since March (well I worked for one day a few weeks ago) so no new HAs for me. I use domes bc molds occlude my eustachian tube and creates a lot of pain there. No one’s ever head of that but I can’t wear molds.
Thanks for responding. I’ll try to see where to upload my last test.

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I put up what I could of my audiogram.

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When I was trying to figure out dai shoe and roger x, I understood that I could find shoes only for classic bte devices, and they don’t come in 312 battery size, but only that 627 or however it is called, no?
I mean, roger x is small cube, but still has 3 pins that had to be plugged into something, ric aids are just too small for that.

So I assume @sonno has ric?

So, if that’s the case, then @sonno has only one option - through compilot2 no matter if classic mic or roger system.

I guess issue with compilot2 hanging on the neck is swivelling all over bc actors probably move all over. Maybe look into solution of making some chest pocket / strap where it would stay still?
Something along the idea how heart monitors are strapped onto the chest while you run or something else.

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This would be solved by getting the ComPilot Air II.

You are correct about the size 312 battery Audeo V aids, no shoes for that model but you can put shoes on the Audeo V size 13 battery Audeo aids, there are no 675 battery size Audeo aids (RIC).
All Phonak Audeo aids are RIC.

The Audeo V size 13 battery aids can use Roger devices with Roger X and Compilot2 and Compilot Air 2, Roger MyLink and Roger 18 shoes.

Typing from old memory gets me in trouble sometimes.

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So, audeo v 13 is big enough for shoe? Didn’t know that.
And true that, audeo == ric, that slipped my mind.
I, obviously wrongly, assumed that sizes are similar with older models, based on how marvel/paradises looks like and that my widex dream passion 312 battery is even smaller. I was checking shoes for currently available aids, and conclusion was that roger x can be plugged in shoes only in that biggest baterry sized ones. So, bolero marvel, not audeo marvel for example.
I didn’t check too much of a history.

But yeah, as you confirmed 312 battery still doesn’t have a shoe :confused:

After all, it’s important that @sonno gets answers after whole team shared efforts :smiley: