Questions about rechargeable aids


I’m a hearing healthcare professional and I would like to learn something about your experiences with rechargeable hearing aids like ReSound Pulse, Siemens Centra life and other available systems.
I’m attending an educational program and my project is all about customer staisfaction with the new rechargeable aids. And I don’t have the experience so far.
I guess what I’m trying to find out for now is:

  • how long does one charge last with the device?

  • how satisfactory is this and how does this compare to your expectations when you purchased the device?

  • is this something important that influenced your buying decision?

  • if you don’t have a rechargeable system, what would convince you / what are your minimal requirements?

  • would you like to see rechargeable hearing aids for other models and makes as well?

  • does anybody have experience with the battery charger from PowerOne ( Pencharger)

I know it’s a lot, right know I try to find out what real life experiences have shown. So any comments are very appreciated.:wink:

Hi Aud74,

I recently purchased a pair of Siemens Centra BTEs but couldn’t get the Active model due to a severe high frequency loss.

My main concern with the rechargeable aids is moisture. I ALWAYS keep my aids in a Dri & Store overnight. With the rechargeables, it looked like I would lose that option. I sweat a lot this time of year and see that as a significant problem.

I also would only want rechargeable aids that could also run on regular batteries. The Siemens Centra Active did offer that capability. When traveling, that is a key feature.

Good luck with your research! :smiley:

I have a pair of Centra Active aids with rechargeable batteries. The reason I chose the rechargeable batteries is because I can drop the aids in the recharge station every evening and don’t have to be bothered with changing batteries. Generally, the charge will easily last the entire day, which is typically from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. The batteries are new, and I expect the run time will diminish as the batteries age. According to Siemens, the life expectancy for the rechargeable batteries is approximately 1-1.5 years. I always carry a backup pair of size 13 batteries, which I have used 2-3 times when I tried to squeeze 2 days out of one charge.

I have been testing the Power One Size 10 rechargeable batteries and so far, they last a full 14 hour day. They are estimating a cycle of 1,000 cycles, which is around 3 years, but realistically, it is probably going to be less.

Thus if the size 10 can last that long, the 13’s in most of the models should last a full day easily.

I too do not have a lot of experience with rechargeable hearing aids, thus am experimenting at this time.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the good info. I can see that the system is doing pretty much what it is promising.
Would a rechargeable battery be attractive for regular (non open fit) hearing aids as well?
Has somebody any experience withother products like a Resound Pulse with a 10a or 312 battery?

Again thanks for the input! :slight_smile:

I just purchased a pair of Resound Pulse aids after demo’ing them for 3 weeks and the Azure for about the same length of time. I wear them 15-16 hours a day, and recharge them every night. The charger will recharge the batteries in 5 hours, and the charge is supposed to last 24 hours. Mine are the Pulse’s that use the 312 size battery.

You can keep a spare pair of batteries in the charger; it takes 10 hours to charge fully depleted batteries there. My plan was to use a set of batteries for a week, charging each night, then switching to the other set for a week. Yesterday, one battery in the 2nd set only lasted about 10 hours. I switched to the other set, put the set with the one depleted battery back in the charger, and will swap them again soon to see how that one battery holds up.

Other than that, and having to have the charger replaced because the original one was defective, I like the convenience of these aids and the charger. And I like the improvement in overall comfort and sound quality versus my previous Widex Diva ITEs and America Hears FreedomAD half-shells.